Appalachian Center for Craft

Blacksmithing Workshops


Weekend - May 17-19, 2019
Tomahawks: Forged to Fly
Abraham Pardee
Create a functional tomahawk. Learn to forge weld, create a cutting edge and embellish the tomahawk with chisel and punch designs. Finish the tomahawk with heat treating, a hickory handle and leather sheath.

(Materials fee: $15)  

Weeklong - May 26-31, 2019
The Hand Forged Axe
Gerald Boggs
Gain skill at the forge and anvil beginning with a simple axe. As skill, desire and time permit, create other axe types; finishing with an early Viking-age axe.
Novice-Intermediate; the ability to use a hammer is beneficial.

Weeklong: June 2-7, 2019
Forging with Intent
Dan Neville
Build or improve your blacksmithing skills with a solid foundation of core techniques including tapering, isolating material, joinery and hammer control. Learn to execute design with the most appropriate processes. Gain skill and confidence while creating functional or sculptural objects.

Weeklong: June 9-14, 2019
The Chopper
Jay Replogle
Design, forge and finish a brutish chopper. Learn proper handle design and balance. Explore how these elements translate into cutting power. The resulting knife is suitable for all cutting chores from forest to farm.

Weekend – July 5-7, 2019
Measurement and Movement: Accuracy in Forging
Pete Braspenninx
Learn the process of estimation and layout through a series of small projects. Use several forging techniques to work from planning a project through its completion.
Intermediate; requires hammer control and coal forge experience

Materials fee: To be determined

Weeklong: July 14-19, 2019
Building Better Together: Library Project
Rachel David
Work together as a class to build a sculpture to install at The Justin Potter Library in Smithville, Tennessee. Develop skills and consider the tasks involved in creating life-scale sculptures. Focus on identifying tools needed to accomplish tasks, making those tools and assembling the final piece.
Beginner - requires power hammer proficiency

Weeklong - July 21-26, 2019
Forging Ferrous Floral Forms
Anne Bujold
Learn a variety of sheet metal forming and forging techniques in order to create botanical forms. Fabricate representational and imagined flora. Discover creative ways to manipulate material and apply metal working tools, including everything from the coal forge to the plasma cutter, as we delve into making a bouquet.

Weekend: August 2-4, 2029
Tong Making for the Grill and Kitchen
Patrick Quinn
Begin by forging hand tools to use during the class. After completing the tools, use them and the anvil to create a beautiful pair of BBQ or kitchen tongs. Hammer control and clean forging will be emphasized.
Beginner - requires hand-eye coordination, confidence and attention to detail

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