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Brian Jones


Brian  Jones


Associate Professor


Decision Sciences and Management

Email Address:


(931) 372-3870


Johnson Hall (JOHN) 202B / Box 5022

Teaching, Research, and Professional Areas

  • Human Computer Interaction and Ergonomic
  • Technology Education
  • Project Management
  • Analysis and Design

Brian serves the College of Business as an Associate Professor of Information Systems in the Department of Decision Science and Management. He also serves the college and university as a University Faculty Senator advising and overseeing university efforts towards achieving excellence in academic research and teaching. His main research interest is ergonomics and human computer interaction. This research interest probably stems from his years in an aircraft cockpit manipulating controls and interacting with the technology that makes complex modern aircraft function efficiently and safely.

Brian, originally from Woodbury, TN, grew up in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) and Taiwan where his parents worked for many years. He returned to the USA for college and then served as an Air Force pilot for several years before transitioning to the business world and then into academia. His service in the military allowed him the opportunity to travel the world and spend time in every continent except Antarctica. His goal is to one day visit Antarctica and check off the seventh and final continent.