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Stephanie Kazanas, Interim Chair

Stephanie Kazanas


Dr. Stephanie Kazanas 


Interim Chair & Associate Professor


Counseling & Psychology

Email Address:


(931) 372-3560


Daniel Hall 242 / Campus Box 5031


"My teaching includes courses in Cognitive Psychology and Experimental Psychology, as well as Special Topics coursework in Emotion, Critical Thinking, Language and Bilingualism, and Evolutionary Psychology. I regularly supervise Senior Thesis and Master's projects, as well.

My research examines basic and applied approaches to understanding human cognition (e.g., attention, learning, memory). Recent projects have included: (1) elaborative encoding and its connection to the survival advantage; (2) depth of processing across a bilingual's dominant and nondominant languages; and (3) emotion effects on face recognition. An additional research interest examines the 'replication crisis in psychology' and its effect on undergraduate students' attitudes and motivations toward psychological research."