Faculty ODS AIM Instructions

Either select the link in the email or go to the Disability Services Homepage and select the "Faculty Portal" link.

Faculty Portal Login

Login using your university email username and password (Typically your email login.)

Please read the information on the Instructor Authentication Page then select the "Continue to View Student Accommodations" button.

Instructor Overview Page

You will then see the instructor overview page. This page displays a quick snapshot of students who have registered for accommodations in specific courses. To see the student's specific accommodations select the "View" button to the left of the student and course name.

Alternative Testing Contracts

Wit the implementation of the new AIM system, faculty members are only asked to fill out one alternative testing agreement per course. To access the alternative testing contract(s), select the "Alternative Testing" link on the left-hand column and select the class drop-down menu for the specific class and select the "Continue to Specify Alternative Testing Agreement" button. Instructors will be taken to a form that will allow for specifying exam information. The agreement can be updated later if needed for specific assessments.