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Student COVID-19 FAQS

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  • When will my online class meet or how?

    Your instructors will be making decisions about how to handle content delivery. In most cases, instructors will be using an asynchronous format. This is a format you likely already familiar with through your online courses or if your instructor uses iLearn.

    In asynchronous courses, instructors upload lectures, assignments and other content and students log in to access and complete assignments and deadlines as directed by the instructor.

    Synchronous courses are similar to traditional classes.  Students log on and participate in the course just as if they were physically attending the class.

  • Will I still receive my extended time?

    In many cases, your accommodations may remain exactly the same. For example, if your accommodations include extended time, you will sign up as you normally would. The process is essentially the same. The instructor will be responsible for extending the time within the context of the online format. We have provided faculty with instructions on how to manually go into the system and extend the time for students. Your faculty member may choose to incorporate remote proctoring technology which may require you to obtain a webcam and/or microphone. Your instructor will clarify the items you need.

  • What if I receive documents that are inaccessible?

    If you receive documents that are inaccessible, or even if you’d like to convert your assignment or content into an MP3, please note that the AwesomeAccess feature is available to you. Follow the link, choose your format, and using your domain enter your email and an accessible copy will be sent to you within a few minutes (usually 10 minutes). For more complex content that has detailed formatting, pictures, etc., contact the AEC.

    Additionally, our office maintains an Optical Character Recognition Scanner (OCR) to assist with larger documents (book size documents). If you anticipate a need like this, please reach out.

  • How can I still receive alterative format textbooks?

    Regarding Alternate Format Textbooks and audio books, if you have not already received those you can contact us directly at  

  • What if I qualify for captioning?

    If you qualify for real time captioning (CART), the AEC will assist in coordination of that service so you will continue to receive captioning. 

  • What if I have technical problems with my assistive technology?

    If you use Assistive Technology provided by the AEC, and you experience technical problems please reach out to us as soon as possible and we will coordinate with IT regarding your issue. This includes: Sonocent, Kurzweil, or JAWS.

  • How can I turn in my assistive technology at the end of the semester?

    Please keep in mind if you have specialized equipment checked out such as LimeLighter, Leggiero, LiveScribes, Echo Pens, Dragon licenses, we certainly want you to continue use of those items, but they will still be due at the end of the semester so please be mindful of that. The AEC will be in contact with you in regards to turning in your equipment.

  • What if I qualify for an interpreter? 

    If you qualify for an interpreter, it is most likely you will access the course experience by Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) during this time. 

  • How can I still receive alterative format materials?

    If you are enrolled in a course that provides complex charts, graphs, matrix sets etc., and you qualify for alternate format materials (tactile or braille), AEC can help coordinate creation of tactile/braille content via our 3D TactPlus Printer or Thermal PIAF device. Please reach out if you need this.

  • Will I still receive my supplemental materials?

    Regarding supplemental materials, it is our assumption that you will continue to receive those materials and that most instructors will be providing those during these circumstances.

  • What if I have a question that is not listed here?

    Contact the AEC at 931-372-6119 or If you leave a phone message, please leave your name, a call back number, and an email address and we will get back with you as soon as possible.

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