Universal Access Initiative

The Office of Disability Services is leading an effort called the Universal Access Initiative. The hope is that all the offices and departments on campus will voluntarily examine or evaluate their areas, programming, and services for accessibility. This initiative will be focusing on both the physical and academic environments at TTU. Disability Services will happily sit down with or walk through with any department for consultation or present professional development workshops or seminars as requested. In addition, ODS will provide any team or department with a rubric for self-evaluation. This will be an active, ongoing, effort that is in two phases. The first phase is awareness and the second phase is implementation. The weekly Brown Bag Sessions have been a part of this effort.

The Universal Access Initiative also promotes incorporation of the Seven Universal Design Principles:

  • Equitable Use
  • Flexibility in Use
  • Simple and Intuitive
  • Perceptible information
  • Tolerance for Error
  • Low Physical effort
  • Size and space for approach and use 
Report Accessibility Issues
Report accessibility issues on campus here.