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The Tennessee Tech Event Management System (EMS) offers a comprehensive listing of Tennessee Tech’s campus events. Users can search by date, event, category, or space.

  • Tennessee Tech Events Scheduled by Affiliated Users

    Faculty, staff, and students are considered to be affiliated users.

    • Go to the EMS page for a full list of available spaces at Tennessee Tech.

    • User must Log In, using the "My Account" tab above. Use the first part of your email address for your user id (i.e., jdoe) and your password is the same as your active directory password.

    • Once logged in, select a template from the Reservations menu in the toolbar or choose one of the locations below to make your request.

    It is important to note that this system is for REQUESTING space. You will receive a confirmation email after a staff member has had an opportunity to review your request.  Also, please note that after-hours access to campus buildings will not be granted unless use of the space has been prior approved through this Event Management System or according to student policy.

  • Non-Affiliated Users for Free Speech

    All users must affirm they have read and will comply with Policy 121 (Use of Tennessee Tech Property by Affiliated Users and for Free Speech Activities) which may be accessed through our Policy Central website.


    Non-affiliated Users must submit a “Non-Affiliated Application” via the Tennessee Tech Event Space Reservation System and receive approval from the Dean of Students and the Vice President for Student Affairs prior to any Free Speech Activities.

    1. Click here to access the Event Space Reservation System. At the top of the page, hover over the “reservations” tab and click “Non-Affiliated Application.”

    2. Under the “details” tab, complete the questions on the application, affirm you have read and agree to comply with Policy 121 (Use of Tennessee Tech Property by Affiliated Users and for Free Speech Activities), and click “submit.”

    3. The Dean of Students’ office will contact you via the email address you provided in the application within five (5) business days to:

      - Confirm the Dean of Students and Vice President for Student Affairs' approval,

      - Request additional or clarifying information, or

      - Deny the request and provide the reason for denial.

    Applications by users who do not respond to requests for additional or clarifying information within five (5) business days will be denied.


    Upon approval of an application, a non-affiliated user may use only the stage area (OUTS – CENT STAGE/SOUTH) of Centennial Plaza for free speech activities. You may search for potential availability of Centennial Plaza stage area by accessing EMS, using the "When and Where" box to the left and entering the date and time you wish to speak at Tennessee Tech. Under “Set-up Information,” enter a number greater than 0 in the “attendance” field and click “check availability.”

    TTU Policy 121, Section V. F.
    Tennessee Tech Rule 0240-09-06-.03(5)

  • Rental of Tennessee Tech Property

    Contact the Purchasing and Contracts Office at

  • Policies

    Tennessee Tech's Policy related to Use of Tennessee Tech  Property by Affiliated Users and for Free Speech Activities (Policy 121) can be accessed through our Policy Central website.

  • Amplification Schedule for Centennial Plaza

    Sound amplification is permitted during the following time frames (in yellow) when classes are in session:

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