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Instructional Leadership Mission Statement

Focused for the Future: Promoting outstanding leadership and continued excellence through strong partnerships, educational research, and inspiring experiences.

About INSL

Welcome to the College of Education's Instructional Leadership program. We offer both the M.A. and Ed.S. in Instructional Leadership. The Instructional Leadership program prepares graduate candidates for positions in school administration.

Classes leading to the Master of Arts degree (EDIL Major) and Specialist in Education degree (ESIL Major) in Instructional Leadership are available on and off campus through the Department of Curriculum & Instruction. These programs are designed to prepare students seeking licensure as beginning administrators in Tennessee. However, the State Department of Education in Tennessee has recently made several drastic changes to Leadership programs across the state. More information concerning the leadership redesign can be found at

The M.A. degree program in Instructional Leadership requires the completion of an approved program of graduate study with a minimum of 33 semester hours. An Ed.S. degree may be earned upon the completion of 30 semester hours of approved graduate level study beyond the M.A. degree.