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Instructional Leadership License (Beginning)

Requires an Institutional Recommendation. Do not send materials directly to the State. TTU needs an official School Leadership score report (sent directly to TTU from ETS) to make the recommendation. When registering for the SLS (, indicate TTU (Code R1804) and the State (Code R8190) as score recipients.

If you make the request at the time of registration there is no additional charge. However, ETS does charge $35 for an additional score report if you have to request one later.

  1. Complete and sign the transcript request form.
  2. Complete the front page of the application. Put a check mark in the first blank (for 'Initial Teaching License')and in the second blank in the last block ('Amendment to Add Additional Degree')
  3. Attach the completed 'Experience Verification Form' signed by someone in your central office. TTU is required to maintain this in our records by the State.
  4. Return the entire set of forms (in a single package) to:

Certification Analyst
Office of Teacher Education
Tennessee Tech, Box 5092
Cookeville, TN 38505.

If you have any questions, e-mail Amanda Roberts at

Instructional Leadership License (Professional- ILLP)

It is the responsibility of the program graduate to contact the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Instructional Leadership Unit (931) 372-3100, when he/she is initially employed as a school principal or supervisor of instruction. This will initiate the process to develop a mutually determined Professional Development Plan. This plan includes a two-year agreement in cooperation with the school director (or designee), an assigned mentor, and a university representative. The format for the Professional Development Plan will be comparable to the school system’s administrative performance contract. The successful completion of the Professional Development Plan is required in order to be recommended for a Instructional Leadership License (ILLP).

NOTE: Do not send your application for your Instructional Leadership License (ILLP) directly to the State Department of Education. You must first have a recommendation from Tennessee Tech, Office of Teacher Education, in order for your application to be processed.

If you choose to advance to the Instructional Leadership License (ILLP) through the completion of the TASL Leadership Academy, you should send the information directly to the state TASL office.

ILLP request forms are available from:
Tennessee State Department of Education website
The Office of Teacher Education at Tennessee Tech University, Bartoo Hall Room 303.

No endorsement or advanced degree for salary credit will be added to a license without an application requesting the change initiated by the license holder.

To Add Your Degree:

  1. Complete and sign the transcript request form.
  2. Complete the application found on the State of TN website. Put a check mark in the fourth blank “ To Show Additional Degree” and a check mark beside Master’s or Ed.S.