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April 2017

Dr. Jason Beach has announced a partnership with ORAU that will bolster the College of Ed VISION Lab Research Center that he facilitates. The partnership will open doors to future grant funding and expansion.

March 2017

C&I and the College of Education were proud to partner with Career Services for the third annual Education Career Fair. The Fair covered all major areas from the College of Ed including C&I, Music, Art, Counseling & Psychology, and EXPW. With 60 employers and over 300 attendees, the fair was a huge success and has been scheduled again for March of 2018.

May 2016

Dr. Martha Howard was awarded a $1.5 million grant to provide Early Intervention services to eligible infants and toddlers with TEIS (Tennessee Early Intervention System). The grant will serve eight Upper Cumberland counties over the course of three years.

Fall 2015

Dr. Leslie Suters and Dr. Jason Beach have both received Improving Teacher Quality (ITQ) grants from THEC. Dr. Suters is PI of the Coding Connections through Algebra and Physical World Concepts grant and Dr. Beach is Co-PI on the Experiencing STEM with Immersive and Augmented Technologies grant.

May 2015

Several C&I faculty members won awards at the College of Education Teacher Appreciation and Awards Day. Dr. Kristen Trent, Dr. Stephanie Richards, and Dr. Seth King won awards. See the full list here.

April 2015

As a recent 2+2 education grad, Charlie Arp's dream of satisfying students’ hunger for technology in the classroom was realized as ORAU president Andy Page presented Brown Intermediate School science teacher Charlie Arp with a $25,000 technology makeover during a surprise school-wide assembly. The funding is part of ORAU’s annual Extreme Classroom Makeover competition, now in its seventh year.

December 2014

Dr. Jason Beach and Dr. Jeremy Wendt won the Best Conference Paper Award at the ICEdutech conference at Tamkang University in Taipei City, Taiwan. Their research focused on Social Interaction Development through Immersive Virtual Environments. The event was co-sponsored by the Tamkang College of Education and IADIS International.

November 2014

Dr. Mindy Lloyd was one of forty-two educators from the US who participated in a professional-development tour of the education systems of France and the Netherlands. The tour was sponsored by Phi Delta Kappa International. During the tour, participants met with education leaders in both countries to discuss the dynamics of each system in comparison with that of the United States. The group met with authorities from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s (OECD’s) Programme for International Assessment (PISA) and Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS). The group also visited multiple schools in Amsterdam and Paris, facilitating discussions with classroom teachers and administrators.

October 2014

Dr. Jane Baker and Dr. Leslie Suters were awarded Improving Teacher Quality Grants from THEC for 2015. Congrats! Their projects:

Dr. Baker- Talking Sense: Math Talk and Number Sense in K-2 will engage 30 K-2 teachers from the Upper Cumberland area in exploring standards-based mathematical content and pedagogy through developmentally appropriate practice as modeled by mathematics and education faculty. Participating teachers will receive numerous teaching materials and professional resources to facilitate teaching and increase learning. The project addresses participants’ content and pedagogical knowledge with regards to number sense, operational strategies, mathematical inquiry, classroom conversations, reasoning and communicating.

Dr. Suters: Coding for the Core will provide professional development for 30 middle school teachers from middle and East Tennessee focused on the use of computer programming and robotics. While computer programming is of increasing importance itself, it also provides an opportunity to explore the application of a variety of math concepts in an interactive and engaging manner. Math topics such as ratios & proportional relationships, linear equations, functions, statistics, & probability can find exciting applications in areas such as video game design and robotics. Participants will receive professional development aimed to improve their knowledge of math content and pedagogy with a focus on best practices for instruction as required by the Tennessee Educator Acceleration Model (TEAM).

July 2014

Jennifer Meadows participated in a two-week Elementary Mathematics Laboratory project at the University of Michigan in July.The workshop drew math professionals from around the world and focused on high-leverage practices and resources for math education.

June 2014

A group of Upper Cumberland teachers visited TTU this week to participate in “Opening the Secret City,” a professional development opportunity focusing on interdisciplinary reading rigor. The week’s activities include a review of research, guest speakers and a field trip to the internationally recognized labs in Oak Ridge. Leading the workshop are Janet Isbell and Julie Baker from the College of Education and Jeffery Roberts and Andrew Callender from the College of Arts and Sciences. The workshop is funded by a $70,000 Improving Teacher Quality grant from THEC.

May 2014

Faculty, students and alumni from the College of Education's Department of Curriculum and Instruction and the Exceptional Learning Ph.D. program presented 11 papers at the 10th International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry at the University of Illinois, May 21-24. Participating faculty include: Julie Baker, Martha Howard, Janet Isbell and Lisa Zagumny. Participating Ph.D. students included: Abdellatif Al Sager, Tessa Bishop, Amy Callender, Rebekah Marcum, Amy Leigh Rogers and Dorota Silber-Furman. Participating Ph.D. alumni included: Rufaro Chitiyo, Stacey Fisher, Hannah Rawiszer, Amanda Richey and Alicia Stewart. Participating baccalaureate alumni included: Gabrielle Byford, Nancy Landis and Jessica Stephens.

February 2014

The College of Education's innovative concentration in educational technology has made an impact with the program's first graduating students in December 2013 and May 2014. One of the early graduates, Kattie Nash, was recently awarded Prescott South and Putnam County's Elementary Teacher of The Year. This recognition reinforces her commitment to the students and for being a pioneer in incorporating technology into the classroom. Info on the Ed Tech Master's/Ed.S. degree can be found at C&I EdTech info page.

Students will soon be able to immerse themselves in a variety of virtual environments as part of a research project underway in the College of Education. The Oculus Rift takes students into a 3-D virtual world, enabling simulations for students that may not be possible in real life. Jason Beach, assistant professor of instructional technology, developed the project to help autistic students practice interacting in everyday scenarios. More info about the project can be found at or C&I EdTech info page.

January 2014

Athens Middle School math teacher and C&I graduate Kevin Winters was awarded $25,000 from the Milken Foundation at a surprise assembly Tuesday morning at the school. The award was presented by Tennessee Education Commissioner Kevin Huffman, along with National Institute for Excellence in Teaching representative Gary Stark. More info here

November 2013

Dr. Helen Dainty, Dr. Laura Graves, and Mrs. Amy Callender have been invited to the "International Scientific and Educational Forum Individual, Family, and Society: History, Development Prospects at Krasnovarsk State Pedagogical University". The conference takes place in Siberia, Russia.

Dr. Jason Beach has been invited as a featured speaker at the Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan. His research work with Augmented Reality will be the focus of the presentation.

October 2013

Dr. Holly Anthony, associate professor of mathematics education in Curriculum and Instruction, has been invited to continue her service as a mathematics core leadership reviewer for the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers. Assessments being developed there will track student learning in grades 3-12 across multiple states beginning next fall. Anthony has been on various PARCC committees since fall 2010 including service as one of four representatives of Higher Education on the PARCC State Leadership Team and as a member of the national (10-member) PARCC Mathematics Focus Working Group

September 2013

The College of Education's Learning Resource Center recently surpassed 10,000 laptop and iPad checkouts. The LRC has been seamlessly supporting education majors with cutting-edge technology and printed materials for several decades. Apple laptops, iPads, and many other content-specific items have been accessible to undergraduate and graduate educators for years. Education faculty members have helped support projects all over campus with support from the LRC.

August 2013

Dr. Missy Comer and Dr. Leslie Suters, associate professors in Curriculum & Instruction, received the 2012-2013 TTU QEP Excellence Award. Dr. Comer's project titled "Planning literacy-based learning opportunities for pre K-12 students with iPads" and Dr. Suter's project titled "STEM-based activities using iPads" were selected as exemplary by the University.

May 2013

Dr. Martha Howard was awarded a Diversity Grant (The Family and Schooling Literacy Project: Family and Schools Generating Close Readings and Critical Responses to Global and Informational Texts, $60,000.00).

Dr. George Chitiyo and Dr. Lisa Zagumny were awarded a two-year TBR Access and Diversity Grant (Improving Social Engagement & Academic Achievement among Minority Students, $52,766.00).

November 2012

Dr. Carl Owens was the invited keynote speaker for the Little Rock School District in Arkansas. His keynote presentation, titled Technology Across Time: Where We Were, Where We Are, and Where We Need To Go, was shared with several thousand educators.