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Curriculum & Instruction

Dr. Jeremy Wendt, Department Chair

On behalf of the faculty, staff and graduate assistants, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the Department of Curriculum and Instruction. We have a strong commitment to both undergraduate and graduate student success. The programs and services in our Department are guided by high professional standards, are nationally accredited, follow best instructional practices and focus on the development of competent professionals in a diverse, technological society. In addition, we are working with all Tennessee Board of Regents' institutions to redesign our Teacher Education programs to better meet the needs of our candidates.

The Department has expanded its programs and added new faculty during the past several years, including the initiation of the 2+2 Elementary Education Program in cooperation with six community colleges and eight locations.

The programs in the Department span from baccalaureate (undergraduate) through doctoral with more than 1,000 undergraduate students and an almost equal number of graduate students enrolled.

I am extremely proud of our students, staff and highly qualified faculty. A diversity of licensure and non-licensure options exists, and each student is assigned an academic advisor to assist with program planning and provide mentoring throughout their tenure in the Department.

A description of the various undergraduate and graduate program options offered in the Department is provided within our website. Please contact our office if you need additional information. We will be happy to assist you in reaching your professional goals.