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Counseling and Psychology


School counselors help students deal with personal and academic problems and choices. This program gives you the competencies you need to work with children at the elementary and secondary level. The counseling and consultation skills you gain will allow you to help diverse individuals and groups deal with a wide range of personal, social, and academic issues.

Licensure as a school counselor requires an additional step after earning a master's degree. It is possible to earn this master's degree and not be eligible for licensure. Licensure as a school counselor is a standard-based process. The standards are mandated by the state board of education. These requirements may be fulfilled in our program by taking the appropriate courses, transferring courses, or life experiences/ independent study. Licensure also requires successful completion of the guidance section of the Praxis examination.

School counselor candidates who do not have teaching experience are required to participate in a semester-long orientation experience, in a school setting. A verification form indicates that you meet the standards mandated by the Tennessee State Board of Education.


M.A. & Ed.S.

Program of Study

School Counseling M.A.

School Counseling Ed.S.

Professional Standards

Tennessee Professional Educational Standards, INTASC Standards, NCATE Standards, TTU Conceptual Framework Alignment Table

Tennessee DOE Standards for School Counseling

American Counseling Association Code of Ethics

Test Content Areas

TN School Counseling Praxis

National Counselor Preparation Comprehensive Exam (CPCE)

Mapping of Assessment Measures on Course Goals


School Counseling Handbook

Faculty Concentration Leader

Dr. Sherrie Foster 303B Farr Building


Counseling Careers

Tennessee Counseling Association