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Counseling and Psychology


Annual Application Deadline: DECEMBER 15

Incoming Freshmen | Current Undergraduates | Graduate Students

The College of Education and its three departments offer a range of scholarship opportunities for their students. Completing one (1) application per academic year makes you eligible for all university scholarships for which you meet the criteria. Students must reapply annually by December 15 for the next academic year.

NOTE: Incoming freshmen, you need to apply for scholarships the year before you plan to attend in the fall.

College of Education & Departmental Awards


Duck Day Fundraiser - Jessica Kelley Memorial Scholarship

Duck Day Fundraiser - Jessica Kelley Scholarship

  • Undergraduate Awards

    Troelstrup Outstanding Psychology Student of the Year Award

    Jessica Kelley Memorial Scholarship

  • Graduate Award

    Sharon Spears Borden Scholarship

    Amount: $600 or larger award; amount contingent on availability of funds. Scholarship is awarded in the spring for the coming academic year. 

    Application Criteria

    • Must be a graduate student, or incoming graduate student, in the Department of Counseling and Psychology;
    • Must meet all regular admission requirements for the Graduate School at Tennessee Tech University;
    • Must be an Educational Psychology and/or Counselor Education major and have intent to pursue a career in the area of education;
    • Must be actively enrolled as a student (a minimum of six hours per semester);
    • Must maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA;
    • Must be interviewed and approved by a committee composed of department graduate faculty and any other appropriate representatives.
    • Priority in selection shall be given to students in the school counseling programs.

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