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        Welcome to the College of Education Student Success Center!

        From on-campus degrees, concentrations and licensure programs to the 2+2 community college partnership sites, the staff of the Student Success Center is committed to supporting you as you pursue and achieve your educational goals.

        Information & Assistance

        College of Education
        Student Success Center
        Phone: 931-372-6036
        Location: T.J. Farr, Room 202

        The center works with undergraduate students seeking degrees, teaching licensure, and non-licensure programs in several departments within the College of Education and the College of Fine Arts.

Programs of Study & Teacher Licensure

        We work closely with the Office of Teacher Education and encourage you to use the support and resources available through both of our offices.

        Your undergraduate education is an essential and valuable experience and gives you a strong foundation for a successful and meaningful career. We're here to help get you started and guide you through the process.

College of Education Student Success Center Handbook: Policies and Procedures: CLICK HERE or BELOW

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