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Exceptional Learning Ph.D. 
Procedures for Ph.D. Candidates Once Admitted to the Program

After Entry Procedures, Regulations & Timeline Summary

  • Once admitted, it is important for students to follow procedures/regulations outlined below:

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    Graduate School Calendar 

    and specific deadline/semester dates.

Procedures/Regulations When To Be Done
Temporary advisor appointed by appropriate concentration leader No Later than 2nd semester of Enrollment

Permanent Chair/Committee approved by appropriate concentration leader (Must be sent to Director of Ph.D. program. From there it will be sent to the Graduate School.)

No later than 3rd semester of enrollment
Annual portfolio review by faculty Second half of spring semester
Submission of program of study By the time 15 semester hours are earned
Brief description of ongoing research No later than 3rd semester of enrollment and periodically thereafter when requested by Committee
Residence semesters (Fall, Spring, & Summer) Any time during program
Written comprehensive exam Toward end of completion of coursework: must be reported on Admission to Candidacy Form
Admission to Candidacy Form (to Ph.D. Director who forwards it to the Graduate School) At least 2 semesters prior to graduation
Doctoral dissertation proposal (to concentration leader and Director’s Office) Immediately following formal approval by Chair and Committee Members
Fifteen hours of dissertation coursework (minimum) To begin at time proposal is accepted by Committee or admission to candidacy and continuously thereafter until dissertation is completed
Final or near final draft of dissertation to Chair and Committee members Two weeks prior to defense
Abstract of dissertation (to Ph.D. Director) Two weeks prior to defense
Scheduling of defense No sooner than 2 weeks after submission of dissertation to Committee
Announcement of defense (to Graduate School with copy to Ph.D. Director) Not later than one week prior to defense
*Final official copy of dissertation (copies to Graduate School, one copy to Ph.D. Director, and copies to Chair and Committee members) When copies are finalized