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TTU ELPHD alumnae shines at East Tennessee State University!

Stacey Fisher, Ph.D., assistant professor of Curriculum and Instruction at the Clemmer College of Education at ETSU received the 2014 “Rising Star” award for consistently superior academic outreach and achievement in the areas of teaching, faculty technology leadership, peer recognition, student focus and student progress toward degree. The ETSU School of Continuing Studies and Academic Outreach coordinates the annual award.

In addition to teaching, Dr. Fisher is the ETSU College of Education coordinator at Walters State Community College. Her accessibility and responsiveness to students from small town school systems and regional communities often underserved by higher education outreach, make her an exemplary mentor, advisor, and guide, as she supports prospective teachers on their journey from two years at the community college to completion of a four-year bachelor’s degree at ETSU.

Professor Fisher holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Exceptional Learning from Tennessee Tech University. She also holds the Education Specialist, Master of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees from TTU. She is a faculty member on ETSU’s Graduate Council, an advisor to the ETSU chapter of STEA, the student Tennessee education association, and maintains technological expertise through ETSU’s Faculty Technology Leadership program.

ELPHD Student Attends STEM Education Conference, Summer 2014

Jennifer Meadows, pictured on the right, an instructor in the College of Education and Exceptional Learning PhD student in the STEM Education Deb Ball, TeachingWorks and Jennifer Meadows, ELPHD Studentconcentration recently attended the Elementary Mathematics Laboratory (EML) at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI. The EML provided educators, policymakers, and education advocates from around the world with an opportunity to deeply engage with public teaching while developing specific professional skills.

Deborah Loewenberg Ball, pictured on the left, an experienced elementary school teacher, Dean of the College of Education and faculty member at the University of Michigan, and the director of TeachingWorks led the EML. The class consisted of 30 students about to enter 5thgrade, who were diverse ethnically, racially, economically, and linguistically. Many of these students had struggled and developed a lack of confidence with mathematics in school. The instruction in the EML sought to turn this around and to set them on a path for success in school mathematics and was specially designed to develop strong and positive academic identities in students.

Each day of the 2-week laboratory started with Dr. Ball and the instructional team in a “pre-brief” session before the class, in which they examined, discussed, and refined the day's lesson plans and strategies for the instruction. Attendees then observed the instruction in the classroom or remote viewing rooms. The group gathered after the class with Dr. Ball to debrief the class, ask questions, and review daily student work before attending afternoon workshops.

Morgan Chitiyo, Ph.D. Receives 2014 Excellence in Scholarship Award

Now at Duquesne University, ELPHD alumnus Morgan Chitiyo, was awarded the 2014 School of Education Award for Excellence in Scholarship. He is currently the Director of the Special Education Program at Duquesne and also the Editor of the Journal of the International Association of Special Education. Congratulations Dr. Chitiyo!