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Tennessee Qualitative Inquiry for Social Justice

Presentations & Presenters

10th ICQI, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, May 21-25, 2014

  • Al Sager, A. Introducing the unfamiliar: Get to know your Muslim student
  • Chitiyo, R., & Silber-Furman, D. Hide and seek curricula: An uneven playing field for bilingual students
  • Howard, M., & Fain, J. Emergent understandings of the Schooling Literacy Project: Diverse schools generating close readings and critical responses to global and informational texts
  • Howard, M., & Stewart, A. New literacies in the Second Life: A qualitative media analysis
  • Landis, D., Stephens, J., Byford, G., & Isbell, J. A close-up of co-teaching: Zooming in on teacher candidates’ co-teaching experiences
  • Marcum, R. The rod or the staff: Discipline practices in Protestant homes
  • Rawiszer, H. Students’ perceptions of critical literacy as an alternative teaching method to literacy instruction
  • Rogers, A. Teachable moments: Incorporating literacy into all subjects
  • Zagumny, L., Baker, J., & Bishop, T. Neoliberal assessments and the rise of the educator preparation program enterprise

9th ICQI, University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign, May 15-18, 2013

  • Al Sager, A., & Shinde, G. International Muslim students’ experience at a regional university in the United States
  • Anthony, H., & Campbell, C. Teachers’ and students’ (mis)understandings of graphical representations in mathematics
  • Baker, J., Thompson, E., & Ellis, A. Pleasure packs a punch: Adolescents speak about reading for fun at school
  • Camuti, A., & Fisher, S. Qualitative analysis of text message construction practices in native speakers of Arabic
  • Chitiyo, R., & Rawiszer, H. Wait, so you did this together? Two graduate students’ experiences with co-teaching and co-grading
  • Howard, M., Al Sager, A., Baggett, A., Cochrane, S., & Majors, T. Tell me more about that: Meaningful cohort relationships in Ph.D. programs
  • Howard, M., & Anthony, H. Questioning selves, questioning minds: Women’s persistence in doctoral programs
  • Isbell, J. Lessons in the park: Authentic teaching and learning with preservice teachers
  • Isbell, J., Baker, J., Zagumny, L., & Camuti, A. Beyond (yet related to) schooling: Interrogating deficit constructions of government-funded healthcare recipients

8th ICQI, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, May 16-19, 2012

  • Zagumny, L., Chitiyo, R., Rawiszer, H., & Norris, W. Teaching mathematics with chess: Stakeholders’ perspectives toward chess as an instructional strategy

6th ICQI, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, May 26-29, 2010

  • Howard, M. Addressing challenging behavior: A portrait of the effective preschool teacher
  • Zagumny, L., & Richey, A. (Re)presenting the “Muslim World”: Critical visuality and textbook images