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    CLICK HERE to access the LRC's Alex-Web Catalog > >

    About Alex-Web Library Database System

    Alex-Web is an internet-based version of the Alexandria Library Database currently used in the Learning Resources Center.

    • Alex-web will allow LRC patrons to search for books and other educational materials found in the LRC.
      • After clicking the link to access the online catalog, CLICK ON THE "RESEARCHER" ICON.
      • Now, you are ready to search for your book, topic or resource.
      • Type in the name of a book, an author, or any subject, and CLICK "SEARCH."
      • Patrons can now search for books by Accelerated Reader level by choosing Study Program instead of Simple Search from the drop down menu to the right of the search bar.
      • See a particular item's availability and date it is due back (if checked out) by CLICKING "SHOW COPY INFORMATION."
      • If you need HELP using the SEARCH, please CLICK on "HELP" under "TOOLS" in the box on the left side of the page.
      • Patrons will also find Library Information and web links also located under "TOOLS".
    • Logging In to Alexandria Online Catalog:

      Logging in allows you to renew items that you have checked out (with the exception of Reserve materials and Technology), place holds and reservations on items, or just see what items you have checked out. After logging in, you will click on your name, which will be located in the top left corner of the page.

      • Renewing items:
        • Login to Alexandria using the following information:
          Username: T number
          Password: your last name in lowercase
        • Click on your name to view items you have checked out. These items will be in shown in the “Loaned Items” tab.
        • Select the item by clicking in the box located to the left of the item.
        • Click “Renew Selected” in the lower right corner
      • Placing Holds:
      • Placing a HOLD on an item simply puts you in line to check out an item that is currently checked out by another patron, once it has been returned.

        • Login to Alexandria
        • Search for the item on which you would like to place a HOLD.
        • Click on "PLACE HOLD" in the right corner.
      • Placing a Reservation:
      • Placing a reservation allows you to reserve the book for a specific date.

        • Login to Alexandria
        • Search for the item you would like to reserve
        • Click “PLACE RESERVATION” in right corner.
        • Select the date that you when you would like the item. (*Months can be changed via drop down menu)
        • If there is a lock symbol in the date, then that date is already taken and may not be selected