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Department of Music

Private Instruction

Enrollment in Private Instruction is required of all music majors each semester of full-time residency except for the student teaching/residency semester(s). Music Education (LIcensure) majors must complete three (3) semesters of Private Instruction at the Upper Division (3000 Level) before student teaching. Four (4) semesters of Upper Division (3000 Level) Private Instruction are required for Music Performance majors.

Students in the Music Education curricula may register for either one-credit (section 001) or two-credit (section 002) private lessons. Performance majors must register for two credit (section 002) lessons each semester of full-time residency.

All students enrolled in Private Instruction are required to attend Convocations and Repertory Classes as scheduled.

Grades in Private Instruction reflect not only the stgudent's progress in the studio, but also attendance at and participation in Repertory Class and Convocation, as well as a completed Recital Attendance Card. (See also Concert Attendance below.)

If a student wishes to change his/her private instruction area, s/he may do so only with the approval of the advisor and the pertinent studio professors. Upper Division requirements and proficiency standards must be met in the new area of performance emphasis.

Convocation and Repertory Class

All music majors must perform in either studio or departmental recital (Convocation), at the discretion of the private instructor, each semester of full-time residency.

Convocation and Repertory Classes meet at 11:00 a.m. on selected Tuesdays and Thursdays according to a schedule distributed at the beginning of each term. All students enrolled in Private Instruction are required to attend Convocations and Repertory Classes as scheduled. To validate Convocation attendance, the student must submit an Attendance Slip at the door upon exiting Wattenbarger Auditorium.

Placement on a Convocation program as a performer is on a first-come first-served basis upon assignment by the studio professor. To secure a date, the student must submit a completed and timely Convocation Form to the Convocation Coordinator.


All music majors must appear before a jury of studio faculty members at the end of each semester for a final examination in the general area of private instruction. B. M. in Music Education (Licensure) students appear before faculty members from the instrumental or vocal family. For Upper Division B.M. Performance majors, the jury is the Performance Degree Committee. Each student registers for a jury time on a posted schedule. Before going to the jury, the student will prepare the proper number of jury forms and bring them to the jury itself. See also the section on Accompanists on the Recital Policies page.

Upper Level Examination (Jury)

All music majors must successfully complete an Upper Level Examination at the end of the fourth semester and before enrolling in Upper Division (3000 Level) private instruction. This examination is in place of the regular jury in that particular semester and may have different and/or additional expectations. The studio professor may exercise the option of not presenting to the Upper Level jury any student deemed not adequately prepared for the Examination, in which case the student must wait until the following semester to attempt the Examination..
The following rules apply to Upper Level Examinations for students pursuing the B.M. in Performance degree:

  • The student must successfully complete all portions of the exam to pass.
  • A student cannot retake a failed Upper Level Performance Exam until the end of following semester and must use new music.
  • Failing the Upper Level Performance Exam three (3) times constitutes exclusion from the Performance degree.
  • Composition students must submit their exam to the Performance Degree Committee via audio or video recording.

Concert Attendance

Students receive an attendance card each semester. All music majors must attend twelve (12) recitals or concerts each semester of full-time residency except for the student teaching semester(s). After each attended concert, the card is stamped by the usher, and the attendee records the date in the same block on the card.

For performances in which the student is a participant (other than Convocation performances), the faculty member in charge will initial the appropriate space for the event.

At the end of each semester, the student returns the attendance card to the private instructor at Applied Juries. Deficient cards, or cards received after the private instructor has submitted the Final Recorded Grade, will result in the student receiving an "I" grade in Private Instruction. To rectify a grade of "I", the total number of recitals recorded at the end of the next semester must equal 24 for both semesters combined. The student must rectify an "I" within an academic year or it will automatically convert to a grade of "F".