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Department of Music

Building Hours

Building hours for the Bryan Fine Arts Building vary according to time of year and holidays. CLICK HERE: Bryan Fine Arts Building hours.

Unauthorized persons in Bryan Fine Arts Building during times of official closing will be ejected by University Police and are subject to University disciplinary and/or statutory procedures. Students wishing access to the building times of official closing must obtain advance permission from the Departmental Office.

Practice Rooms

Practice rooms are available on a first-come first-served basis. Any practice room left unattended for longer than 10 minutes may be claimed by another student. Leaving books, music or instruments in a practice room does not constitute occupancy.

The Department of Music is not responsible for items and materials left unattended in practice rooms.

Damage or vandalism of property belonging to the University or others is prohibited and will require restitution as well as disciplinary and/or legal action.

Classroom Use

Student chamber ensembles requiring more physical space than provided in regular practice rooms may reserve a large classroom, if available, during evening hours. Reservations for classroom use must be made through the Bryan Fine Arts Facilities Management System.


Lee Bledsoe, Piano Technician/Building and Events Coordinator, maintains all musical instruments, audio-visual equipment, and uniforms. His office hours, and special check-in/check-out times, are posted outside Room 106 of the Bryan Fine Arts Building.

All University equipment, keys, uniforms, and musical instruments MUST be checked in NO LATER THAN the last day of class each semester. Failure to comply will result in the withholding of grades and/or the direct bill of expenses to the student's account.

Uniforms must be returned with the dry cleaner's receipt attached to verify cleaning.

Students will be held responsible for damage or loss of any University property assigned to them.

Computer Lab

Hours of operation for the Computer Lab (Room 223A) are posted on the door.
The use of the lab is restricted to Music majors only.
Students must use headphones at all times when working in the Computer Lab.

TTU licenses the use of most of its computer software from a variety of outside companies. The University does not own this software or its related documentation and, unless authorized by the software developer, does not have the right to reproduce it. TTU faculty, staff, and students shall use software only in accordance with the license agreement. TTU faculty, staff, or students who make, acquire, or use unauthorized copies of computer software will be disciplined as appropriate under the circumstances. According to the U. S. Copyright Law, illegal reproduction of software can be subject to civil damages of $50,000 or more and criminal penalties including fines and imprisonment.

No one may disconnect or re-configure anything in the Computer Lab without written permission.

Damage or vandalism of property belonging to the University or others is prohibited and will require restitution as well as disciplinary and/or legal action.