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Department of Music

1. A music major must maintain a QPA of 2.5 for the first three semesters and 2.75 thereafter. An immediate 50% reduction will occur when a student's QPA first falls below these levels. The scholarship will be reinstated to 100% if the student achieves an acceptable QPA the next semester. The second time the QPA falls below the acceptable average, the scholarship will be permanently rescinded. The Semester QPA, not the Cumulative QPA, is used in scholarship decisions.

2. The QPA standard of 2.75 will apply to all transfer students.

3. A studio progress review for scholarship continuance occurs at the end of each semester. This will be done by studio faculty in consultation with the major ensemble director. A 50% first-time reduction will be assessed for lack of adequate studio progress with a complete reinstatement for improvement in the studio the next semester. The scholarship will be permanently rescinded for a second term of inadequate progress in applied study (private instruction).

4. Students not presented for (or not attempting) the upper level studio exam at the end of the fourth semester of applied study (private instruction) in the major studio will have their scholarship permanently rescinded. Voice majors may be allowed an additional semester with the approval of the major studio professor.