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Use of Pianos in the Wattenbarger Auditorium

A high quality concert piano is expensive, costly to maintain, and relatively fragile. Limiting its availability to only public performances and rehearsals immediately preceding performances is intended to preserve the pianos' readiness for all performances.
General Rules:

  1. The Steinway #1 (new Steinway) is used ONLY for faculty recitals, guest recitals and piano major recitals, and the corresponding rehearsals for these events.
  2. The Steinway #2 is used for all ensemble performances requiring piano, except for those performances where the piano is the featured solo instrument, and for all other accompanying needs in Wattenbarger Auditorium.
  3. It is the responsibility of the user (student or faculty) to lock and cover performance pianos after each use.
  4. Piano keys for the performance pianos are distributed to piano faculty, registered accompanists, Department administrators, and to others on an as needed basis.
  5. The Wattenbarger Auditorium pianos are to be stored on stage. DO NOT MOVE THE PIANOS TO THE BACKSTAGE STORAGE CLOSET. Any off-stage placement of the performance pianos must be done under the supervision of the technical staff.
  6. Under no circumstances is anything to be placed on the piano lid.
  7. Removal of the piano lid requires permission of the piano faculty and/or technical staff and, if granted, accomplished only under the supervision of the technical staff.
  8. No food or drink is allowed in Wattenbarger Auditorium.
  9. Students must consult the piano faculty and/or technical staff for situations not covered by this policy. If in doubt, ask permission.
  10. Students violating these rules will lose the privilege of using the piano(s).

"Prepared Piano" Rules:

  1. A prepared piano is defined as any activity involving affixing labels, marking or inserting foreign objects into the piano or manipulating the strings other than through the keyboard.
  2. Approval and instructions from the piano faculty and/or technical staff must be obtained before any Department of Music and Art piano may be used for prepared piano purposes. Please contact Dr. Catherine Godes or Lee Bledsoe.
  3. With permission, Steinway #1 and #2 may be used for rehearsal or public performances involving a prepared piano.
  4. Following the rehearsal or performance, all labels, markings, and other objects must be completely and promptly removed, leaving no permanent traces in the piano.