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Department of Music

Piano Proficiency Examination

All music majors must pass the Piano Proficiency Examination before enrolling in Upper Division (3000) music courses. The Keyboard Area Coordinator will post the times for the Piano Proficiency Examination at the end of each term. The Piano Proficiency Examination consists of five sections and the student must pass all sections at the same time.

Section I: Scales

The student will be able to play all major and harmonic minor scales, two octaves, hands together, and in parallel motion.

Section II: Harmonization

Given a melody with chord symbols, the student will play the melody and improvise a left-hand accompaniment (Keys to three sharps and three flats).

Section III: Score Reading

The student will read simultaneously any two lines of a vocal or instrumental score.

Section IV: Hymn Style

The student will play a four-part hymn, demonstrating proper pedal technique. The hymn will be assigned prior to the exam.

Section V: Prepared Performance

The student will perform a solo, chosen from repertoire assigned in class.