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Department of Music

Recital Participation Requirements

All music majors must perform in either studio or departmental recital (Convocation), at the discretion of the private instructor, each semester of full-time residency.

Music Education majors must present a satisfactory solo performance in a public Senior Recital and may share the Senior Recital with another performer.

B.M. in Performance / Composition majors must present a satisfactory non-shared Junior Recital and Senior Recital of the student's compositions.

Instrumental, Jazz, Piano and Voice Performance majors must present a satisfactory solo (non-shared) performance in public Junior Recital (MUS 3950) and Senior Recital (MUS 4000). The Junior Recital is not required of students in the Music Business Program.

The private instructor grades all recitals.

Recital Venue and Time

Students must consult with their private instructor in advance to determine the appropriate date, time and repertoire for the recital. Student recitals should be limited to one hour.

Student use of Wattenbarger Auditorium is limited to ensembles and degree recitals. Degree recitals include the Senior Recital (MUS 4000) for all music majors and the Junior Recital (MUS 3950) for Music Performance majors. Generally, all other student recitals (MUS 1195) are scheduled in the Recital Hall (BFA 374).

Only music faculty members may request times for student recitals using the Bryan Fine Arts Facilities Management System. Requests for recital times are submitted according to the following schedule:

  • Day 1 of class to Day 10: Senior recitals scheduled only.
  • Day 10 of class and beyond: All student recitals may be scheduled.

Student recital start times are restricted to the following choices for solo recitals, shared recitals and studio recitals:

  • Every weekday evening: 7:00 p.m. or 8:30 p.m.
  • Saturday or Sunday Any time after 1:00 p.m.

Rehearsals for student recitals should be scheduled at the same time the recital date is requested. For degree recitals (MUS 3950 and MUS 4000), two one-hour rehearsals may be scheduled in the hall. For non-degree recitals (MUS 1195), only one hour may be scheduled. Rehearsal times are on a first come first served basis.

A student recital may not be scheduled against any major performing ensemble or faculty event, or during the last week of classes in a term. Music education majors may NOT schedule a senior recital during the student teaching term.

Cancellations and postponements must follow University procedures to Drop a Class. The student should notify the Events Coordinator and departmental office as soon as the decision to cancel or postpone a recital is made so that others may use the date/time.

Registration Requirements

The student must register for the appropriate recital course, MUS 4000: Senior Recital; MUS 3950: Junior Recital; or MUS 1195: Recital (elective) during the semester in which any recital is scheduled and pay the required fee. After the official Last Day to Register, Add or Change Sections for each academic term, students not officially registered for one of the recital classes will be deleted from the schedule by the Events Coordinator and may not reschedule.

Accompanist Services

The use of student accompanists enrolled in MUS 1016 is strongly encouraged for student recitals and Convocations.

Students are responsible for engaging recital accompanists, including the negotiation and payment of all fees.

The Department provides accompanist services limited to the following events, only if the services are contracted at least 30 days in advance of the event:

  • vocal coaching and voice major juries
  • Upper Level Exams for students in the B.M. in Performance program
  • regular 3000-level Performance juries
  • annual Awards Celebration rehearsals and recital

The Department does not provide accompanist services for:

  • student hearings or recitals except the Awards Celebration
  • Derryberry Competition accompaniments

The student must pay for any accompanist services not mentioned above.

Concert, Recital, Rehearsal Set-Up Form

A <pdf_icon_smConcert, Recital, Rehearsal Set-Up Form must be completed and submitted through the private instructor two (2) weeks prior to the event date to guarantee that a stage and recording crew and a piano tuning are scheduled. Submit the Form to the Events Coordinator in the Equipment Room.


Printed Program Requirements

The student is responsible for submitting to the Department of Music Office a photocopy -ready program two (2) weeks before the recital date. All programs must use the Concert/Recital Program Format template. Failure to follow this timetable and use the template may result in the programs not being ready, thus requiring the student to print the programs at his/her expense.

The Department will print 40 copies of the student recital program via LRC with a request from the studio instructor. Four copies of the printed program must be given to the Department of Music Office for record-keeping purposes (three copies for licensure compliance and one copy for the student's personal file).

Recital Recordings

The Department of Music records all performances involving students and faculty and archives one copy of the recording in the Volpe Library and Media Center. Completing the <pdf_icon_smConcert, Recital, Rehearsal Set-Up Form two (2) weeks before the recital date guarantees a recording crew for the recital. The Department charges a fee of $25 for recording degree recitals. The recital recording fee is due two weeks prior to the date of the recital. The recording fee is payable in cash or check only, to be submitted with the Set-Up Form, to Dr. Hansen.. The student receives one CD-format copy of the recital recording.