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Annual Scholarship Deadline is December 15

Tennessee Tech University and the College of Education offer a wide range of scholarship opportunities for students meeting a variety of application criteria. Funding to help support and enhance students' educational pursuits is available to incoming freshmen, current students, and graduate students.

Tennessee Tech's complete scholarship listings and application can be found on TTU's ScholarWeb where you can apply online.

  • Completing one application per academic year makes you eligible for all university scholarships for which you meet the criteria.
  • For incoming freshmen, you need to apply for scholarships the December before you plan to attend in the fall.
  • Students must reapply every year by December 15th for the next academic year.

scholarships for College of Education Students

The College of Education provides a variety of scholarships specific to the college; the departments within the college also have even more funding opportunities through their departmental-specific scholarships.

  • For an alphabetical list scholarships and awards (with basic criteria) available specifically to students in the College of Education, please click here.

Departmental Scholarship information

College of Education departments offer scholarships that are specific to those programs of study.