Virtual Theater

What is the Virtual Theater?

The Virtual Theater has been totally renovated with a new Barco 4K 3D 13,000 lumens Laser projector as the backbone. The STEM Center is one of three venues in the country to have it including Flight Safety International and the illuminati Jet Propulsion Lab.

The new projector uses active shutter technology to deliver 3D video content via HDMI or Dual Display Port.

3D video sources include a 3D 4K Blu-ray player, a PC dedicated for stereoscopic video playback and a Zspace PC for Virtual Reality interactive viewing.

On the audio side, The Virtual Theater provides Dolby Digital and DTS surround sound.

The theater also features a 16 ft. diagonal screen and 34 padded seats have been added for comfort.

We are under contract with Big & Digital Distribution to provide educational 3D video content for the Virtual Theater. We have acquired 3D video content for all age ranges from Pre K- 12.

Enjoy the re-vamped VT experience! Admission is FREE.

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