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Office of Teacher Education
College of Education
Tennessee Tech University
Box 5092 • Cookeville, TN 38505
Fax: (931) 372-6286

Susan Collins
Phone: (931) 372-6095
Suzy Hook
Phone: (931) 372-3148


Residency I:
January 31st
Residency II:
November 10th
Student Teaching:
Fall- January 31st
Spring- August 31st


Due to the importance of First Aid/ AED/CPR trainings for all teacher candidates, the Office of Teacher Education will NO LONGER accept ONLINE certifications for admission to the Clinical Placement.

Full Admission to the Teacher Education Program must be completed prior to applying for Residency I

Submit the following requirements by January 31st:

  • Submit Disposition Assessment Requests for Clinical Participation in Residency I:
    • 1 from a practicum public school teacher
    • 1 from a Junior class instructor

Submit the following requirements by June 15th:

  • Submit documentation of the following to the Office of Teacher Education, TJ Farr, Room 302, or fax to 931-372-6286:
    • CPR Certification
    • AED Certification
    • First Aid Certification
    • The certifications must be valid throughout both Residency I and Residency II
  • Submit evidence of professional liability insurance:
    • You may use professional organizations such as NEA, PET, Christian Educators, etc.
    • Submit to the Office of Teacher Education in TJ Farr, Room 302, or fax to 931-372-6286
  • An additional Background Check may be required depending on your placement (You will be contacted by our office if an additional background check is requested for your placement)
  • Submit passing scores for PRAXIS II Content Knowledge (cannot enter Residency I without passing—Must have official score report on file in the Office of Teacher Education by deadline)
    • When registering for ANY Praxis exam, please make sure to indicate TTU (Code 1804) as the institution to receive your scores so that TTU receives official copies to be used for your license application to the state.
    • Office of Teacher Education will ONLY process official copies of scores
    • For personal use, the Office of Teacher Education recommends that students download and retain several copies of ALL test scores while they are available online. (Scores are only available for 45 calendar days after scores are posted. In order to get a copy of your scores after the 45 days, you will have to request them from ETS and pay additional fees)
    • The Office of Teacher Education WILL NOT release Praxis score information by phone to anyone.
    • For more information on the Praxis II test, please visit the ETS website.

Submit the following requirements by the end of the semester prior to Residency I:

  • Meet established Inclusive GPA (2.50 excluding developmental classes)
  • Meet established Content Area GPA (2.0)
  • Satisfactory completion of ALL CLEP tests, ALL courses listed for Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior year on Program of Study , and a minimum grade of "B" or higher must be earned in all courses that are designated field-experience or technology related, or include a major field experience.
  • Submit Application for Undergraduate Graduation (Follow directions on form--does not apply to post-bacc students)
  • Complete the College Base Exam/Senior Exit Exam (Not required for 2+2 students or post-bacc students)