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Learning Resources Center (LRC)
Bartoo Hall 204
Phone: (931) 372-3856

  • Tk20 recommends using the web browser Google Chrome. Internet Explorer tends to cause the most issues with the Tk20 system.

  • Avoid using your browser's "Back" button while working in Tk20. Use Tk20's buttons (Save, Cancel, etc.), tabs, and side menu items.

  • Do not open Tk20 in more than one browser/browser tab at a time. The system may not save information correctly.

  • Purchase of Tk20 is not required for non-College of Education majors enrolled in Education courses. Non-College of Education students should discuss with the instructor alternative method(s) of submitting assignments designated for Tk20 (iLearn, email, etc.).

  • All types of licensure students are required to purchase Tk20. This includes, but is not limited to, transitional, add-on endorsement, CTE, INSL, and any other initial or advanced licensure programs.

  • Check the Tk20 Student Resources and Tk20 Frequently Asked Questions pages for additional student account information and guides.

Login Information:

  • If you have been listed as a course's instructor of record, Banner loaded you as a faculty member in Tk20.

  • Use your iLearn or email (without the "") username and password to log into Tk20.

  • Faculty passwords must be changed through the ITS website. Once changed, it may take a couple of days for the connection to update Tk20 and allow you to log in.

Faculty Training:


The training server will be available from 9/1 - 9/22. Please contact Nikki Christen ( for login information.

Forms & Resources:


--- 2+2 Elementary Education and Mental Health Counseling programs only.


Field & Clinical Experience

NOTE: Students must have purchased and activated their Tk20 account before they can be placed in any field experience.

  • Observation Lesson Plan Template (Does not have Rationale column.)

  • Field Experience Placement Template

  • To upload field experience placements and binders to Tk20:

  • Download and complete the Field Experience Placement Template above.

  • Email the completed template to the Unit Administrator.

  • In the email, include answers to the following questions:

    • Will the student need to submit any items to the field experience binder? (Full or Modified/Practicum Self Assessments, Lesson Plans, etc.)
    • How many observations need to be in binder and what observation evaluation form do you want to use? (Full TEAM Rubric, Modified TEAM/Practicum Observation Form, Internship Evaluation Form, etc.)
    • Will the mentor complete an evaluation on the candidate?

  • Unless advised otherwise, the evaluation form below is loaded for mentors to complete in teacher licensure practicum binders.

  • If applicable, the Context for Learning is automatically loaded for students in teacher licensure practicum binders.

  • The Unit Administrator will contact you if there are any issues with mentor teacher emails, unpaid student accounts, etc.

  • Please allow at least one week for placements and binders to be loaded into Tk20.

  • Resources:

  • Assessing Field Experience Binders

  • Check the Tk20 Mentor Teacher Resources page for mentor guides and tips.