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Tk20 Mentor Teacher Resources

General Information:

Questions & Assistance

Learning Resources Center (LRC)
Foundation Hall 173
Phone: (931) 372-3856

  • Mentor teachers are also known as "Cooperating Teachers" in the Tk20 system.
  • Tk20 recommends using the web browser Google Chrome if possible. Internet Explorer may not save information correctly.
  • Avoid using your browser's "Back" button while working in Tk20. Use Tk20's buttons (Save, Cancel, etc.), tabs, and side menu items.
  • Do not open Tk20 in more than one browser/browser tab at a time. The system may not save information correctly.
  • Save your work often! The Summative Evaluation does "time out" after long periods on one page, even if you are entering information.

Accounts & Logins:

  • Tk20 accounts are created for all mentor teachers. You do not need to create or purchase an account.
  • The account's username and initial password is the email address provided to TTU's Office of Teacher Education (Residency, Student Teaching) or faculty supervisors (Practicum).
  • All email addresses are in lower case letters.
  • Passwords are reset to email addresses on August 1st and January 2nd each year.
  • Mentor teachers will be prompted to change their password the first time logging into Tk20 and after each password reset date.
  • If you forget your password, CLICK HERE to reset it.
  • For technical issues and general questions, contact the Learning Resources Center (LRC) at (931) 372-3856 or email The LRC’s hours are listed on their website and emails are answered daily.

Quick Guides & Tutorials: