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Learning Resources Center (LRC)
Bartoo Hall 204
Phone: (931) 372-3856

  • Mentor teachers are also known as "Cooperating Teachers" in the Tk20 system.

  • Tk20 recommends using the web browser Google Chrome if possible. Internet Explorer tends to cause the most issues with the Tk20 system.

  • Avoid using your browser's "Back" button while working in Tk20. Use Tk20's buttons (Save, Cancel, etc.), tabs, and side menu items.

  • Do not open Tk20 in more than one browser/browser tab at a time. The system may not save information correctly.

  • Please save your work often! The Summative Evaluation does "time out" after long periods on one page, even if you are entering information. Tk20 states their "session timed out" time frame is 6 hours, but some have been logged out earlier. Any unsaved information will not be saved if you are timed out.

Accounts & Logins:

  • Tk20 accounts are created for all mentor teachers. You do not need to create or purchase an account.

  • The account's username and initial password is the email address provided to TTU's Office of Teacher Education (Residency, Student Teaching) or faculty supervisors (Practicum).

  • All email addresses are in lower case letters.

  • Passwords are reset to email addresses on August 1st and January 2nd each year.

  • Mentor teachers will be prompted to change their password the first time logging into Tk20 and after each password reset date.

  • If you forget your password, CLICK HERE to reset it.

  • For technical issues and general questions, contact the Learning Resources Center (LRC) at (931) 372-3856 or email The LRC’s hours are listed on their website and emails are answered daily.

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