Enrollment Management

Steps for Submitting Application

  1. Login to Eagle Online.
  2. Select "Student" link from the Main Menu.
  3. Select "Student Records" from Student menu.
  4. Select "Apply to Graduate" from Student Records menu.

  5. Select Term. Please note this is the current term NOT the term when you want to graduate.

  6. Select the radio button by Current Program listed. If the major or the concentration (if required) are not correct, please stop. You will need to meet with your advisor to complete the Program of Study Change Request BEFORE applying for graduation.

  7. Select the graduation date from the drop down menu. Only terms that are open to receive applications will display. If the term when you want to graduate is NOT visible, either you missed the application deadline or that term has not been opened to accept applications. Please refer back to the main Undergraduate Graduation page for information on deadlines.

  8. Select the radio button to inform the office if you plan to attend the ceremony. If you are applying to graduate during a Summer term, please note that there is no graduation ceremony in August and answering “yes” indicates your desire as a Summer graduate to participate in the Fall commencement in December.

  9. Select name from drop-down menu. You may supply middle/maiden name or initial and suffix. You cannot change the first name or last name using this form. See the Office of the Registrar for instructions to change your name. 

  10. You have available the following addresses in the drop-down menu: Campus, Emergency, Mailing, Student Permanent, and New. Select the address where you want your diploma mailed (mailed 3-4 weeks after graduation).

  11. You will receive a graduation application summary of what will be submitted to the office.

  12. You will receive a Graduation Application Signature Page after selecting the Submit Request button.

  13. You may print the Graduation Application Signature Page for your records. In approximately 24 hours after submitting this form, your Degree Works audit will reflect that your graduation application is on file. This completes the process of applying for Graduation.