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Provost's Excellence in Advising Awards - Nominee Information

Congratulations on being nominated for the Provost's Excellence in Advising Award.

All nominees will be notified on or before March 20, 2017.

Nominees will need to provide the following information to the Selection Committee by April 5, 2017 (all supporting documents must not exceed 10 pages):

    1.Resume or curriculum vita and list of responsibilities or current job position description.

    2.A personal statement of advising. - You should look at the criteria referenced here and include some of this information about how you view your role as an academic advisor, your relationship with your advisees, and what you hope to accomplish as a result of advising students. 

    3.Letter of support by advisee. - You may ask any of your advisees to write a letter (1 single spaced page maximum) for you.  We do not disclose the name of the nominator due to possible conflicts of interest.  (The student letter can be emailed directly to and should include a description of the advisor's advising style and why the advisee believes the advisor shows excellence in advising as evidenced by the criteria mentioned for the award. Once the student emails me the letter of support, I will email you that it has been received.)

Eligibility for Excellence in Advising Nomination:

    1.Provost's Excellence in Advising, Primary Role - Any individual currently employed by Tennessee Technological University at least half-time (50%) in a position where academic advising is the primary role (as designated by job description) or the administration of an academic advising program may be nominated.

    2.Provost's Excellence in Advising, Faculty Advisor –Any individual currently employed by Tennessee Technological University as a full-time faculty member and who has a secondary responsibility to advise students.

    3.All nominees must have completed one year as an academic advisor at Tennessee Technological University.

    4.Previous TTU Excellence in Advising winners are not eligible for a 5 year period from date of award.

    5.Members of the selection committee are excluded from being nominees.

    6.In the event the winner of the Provost's Excellence in Advising award is not eligible for the NACADA Outstanding Advising Award, the first runner-up will be submitted as the TTU nominee for the NACADA award.