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TN Reverse Transfer

TN Reverse Transfer - It's about getting credit, where credit is due! Opt-in today.

Information for Students

Are you a transfer student from a TN community college that transferred before finishing your Associate's degree? If so, you may be eligible to participate in the TN Reverse Transfer program and earn your Associate's degree.

What is it? TN Reverse Transfer is a statewide initiative that alerts students who completed at least 15 hours of community college credit and transferred to a 4 year institution before you completed your Associate's Degree. To be alerted via email, you have to have completed at least 60 hours.

How do I participate? It's easy. When you get the email from TN Reverse Transfer with the subject line "Important Graduation Information" simply opt-in. The program does all of the work for you.

What happens after I "opt-in"? Your TTU transcript is sent to the community college where you earned at least 15 hours, and a graduation audit is completed on your behalf. If you have met the requirements for an Associate's degree, the community college contacts you with information about the upcoming commencement ceremony. Yes, it's that easy to earn your Associate's degree after you've taken the classes you need - opt-in today!!

I'm interested in participating in the program, but I didn't get an email. What do I do? You won't get the email if you earned the credit hours as a dual enrollment student, but you can still contact the Records Office at the Community College once you have completed at least 60 hours here. You will need to request that your transcript be sent to the Community College since you didn't get the email, and you will ask for a graduation audit. It's a few more steps, but worth it.

More about the state wide initiative can be found here.