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Office of the Registrar

Welcome to the Office of the Registrar. Our office is divided into four sections according to the services we provide to students and faculty.

Administrative Office

This office provides assistance to

  • Students who need special assistance with appeals, exceptions, policies, etc.

For help, drop by Room 128, Derryberry Hall.


Graduation analysts help students through the final phase of their undergraduate nd graduate careers with answers to questions including:

  • How and when to apply for graduation
  • How to transfer credits from another institution
  • How to substitute classes

For help, reference the Undergraduate Section or drop by the Graduation Office, Room 122, Derryberry Hall.


This sections helps students with academic records and personal information.

  • Change your major
  • Change your name or address
  • Have a transcript mailed or verified
  • Have your enrollment verified on Eagle Online
  • Ask about veteran’s benefits
  • Ask questions regarding grades

Visit the Records Section in Room 128, Derryberry Hall, or click on Transcripts and Grades.


This office is ready to answer questions about the registration process. Check here for

  • Student Identification Number (T-Number)
  • Alternate PIN (Available from your adviser or major department)
  • Dropping Classes
  • Adding Classes
  • Auditing Classes
  • Waitlist in Eagle Online (i.e. Self-Service Banner)

Visit this office in Room 121, Derryberry Hall, or get more information at Eagle Online.