Office of the Registrar

Academic Standing

For Students placed on Warning or Probation

Eagle Online displays your academic record including your cumulative and your semester quality point average and the Undergraduate Catalog contains information on the Academic Standards requirements. To avoid academic probation or suspension and to continue in college, your grades must improve.

You should make an appointment with your advisor to discuss your academic progress at once. You may want to consider repeating a coursechanging your course load, work load or major. The Counseling Center provides workshops on study skills designed to help you succeed in the university environment.

Students should contact their academic advisor to learn more about their current academic standing and steps needed to achieve "Good Standing" status.

For Students who were Suspended

If you pre-registered for Spring 2019 classes, your schedule has been purged.

Readmission after Suspension (under "Academic Standards") is not automatic. The complete policy and procedures are available in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Extreme extenuating circumstances may warrant a student’s request for an appeal. A student may appeal the suspension by completing the Readmission after Suspension application process (under "Academic Standards") prior to the term she/he might ordinarily be readmitted after the suspension is completed. You will receive the results of your application for readmission from the Admissions Office, (931) 372-3888.

The student must apply for readmission through the Office of Admissions no later than 10 days prior to the beginning of the semester for which he/she is applying. To seek readmission after your suspension:

  1. For the first suspension, after staying out one full semester (not just a summer term), complete a Readmission after Suspension application.
  2. For the second or subsequent suspension, or first suspension without remaining out of school for one full fall or spring term:
    1. Complete the Readmission after Suspension form and provide all documentation.
    2. Schedule an appointment in advance with the appropriate individual as listed per your department below.

Click the link below of the appropriate department of your college for contact information.

Dr. Dennis Duncan, Director


Oakley Hall 145

Dr. Melinda Anderson, Director


Oakley Hall 106

Dr. Huey-Ming Tzeng, Dean 

Ben Clark


Bell Hall 206

Ms. Julie Galloway, Director


Johnson Hall 107

Jeannie Smith, Advisor


Southwest Hall 146

Dr. Kurt Eisen, Associate Dean


Henderson Hall 204C

Dr. Julie Baker, Associate Dean


T.J. Farr 101

Dr. Darrell Hoy, Associate Dean


Clement Hall 201

Dr. Jennifer Shank, Dean


Bryan Fine Arts 264

Ms. Edith Duvier, Director


Henderson Hall 202