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Fees Applicable To Disabled or Elderly Students

Students who audit are expected to attend class but are not required to hand in assignments or take examinations. Audit students are enrolled in classes on a non-credit basis but must be admitted to the University as regular or special students. Audit courses are listed on grade rosters, but no grade is given. Students wishing to audit a course must fill out an Audit Permit Form and submit it to the Registration Center. The Audit Permit form must be filled out completely and the student must obtain approval of both the advisor and instructor. The Audit Permit form will not be accepted later than the last day to add courses as the beginning of each semester as stated in the University Catalog. Fees for audit courses are the same as those for credit course, unless student is disabled or elderly. See the link below for more fee information.

Visit the fees page for more information.

Visit the fees page for more information.

Fee Waiver for Tech/State Employees and PC190 Participants