Office of the Registrar

How to Register Online

Before you can register, you must have met with your advisor, received an advisement sheet, and determined the 5-digit Course Registration Numbers (CRNs) for your classes. Your advisor will tell you your registration time and give you your Alternate PIN. You can log on and register on or after your appointment time only.

  1. From the TTU homepage, click Students, then click Eagle Online. 
  2. Click on Enter Eagle Online.
  3. In the User ID box type in your T# and 6-digit Login PIN. Click "LOGIN."
  4. When you log in for the first time, you will need to set up the security question and answer option. You will use this option when you forget your PIN. After entering your Tech ID number, click on "FORGOT YOUR PIN." After answering your question correctly, you will have your PIN. If you get the message "YOUR LOGIN HAS BEEN BLOCKED," you need to contact myTECH helpdesk (931-372-3975). If you change your pin, do not use all 9s.
  5. Click "Student " (tab).
  6. Click "Registration" then click on "Add or Drop Classes." Select the term and click "Submit"
  7. Enter your 6-digit Alternate PIN and click "SUBMIT". This is required EVERY TIME you access the add/drop menu. After you are registered for courses, if you need to make an adjustment and can't find/remember your Alternate PIN, you can view it via the link "View Registration Times ..."  You must select the term first, since this information is term dependent.

To Add a Class Via Schedule Planner

Click here for instructions.

To Add a Class (via Eagle Online)

  1. Once you choose “Add or Drop Classes”, you need to select the term for which you are adding classes.
  2. Click “Submit”.
  3. Enter the 6-digit Alternate PIN and click "Submit." (This is required every time you access the "Add or Drop Classes" link. If you've forgotten your Alternate PIN, see above.)
  4. On the "Add class" table, enter the 5-digit CRN for each class.
  5. Click “Submit Changes ” to add these classes.

Note: To see what classes are offered and to find each course's unique 5-digit CRN, you click on the "Select Box" to left of the CRN and scroll to the bottom of the screen and select either "Register" (this will take you back to Add and Drop and register you for the course) or "Add to Worksheet" (which works if you need to add several courses) and click on "Submit Changes."

To Drop a Class (via Eagle Online)

Click on the drop-down box next to the course to be dropped, and click on the drop action and then click on "Submit Changes."

Once enrolled, the student may not drop Freshman English (ENGL1010/1020) without first contacting the English Department; Academic Development Program course work can not be dropped without contacting the Learning Support Department.

If you encountered any errors while enrolling in a course (such as “the selected class is full,” “overlapping time schedule," “invalid CRN,” etc), these messages will be displayed. You can then enter another CRN or drop classes to correct these errors.
To select a Meal Plan, click Student, go to the Registration Menu, click Meal Plan Selection and follow the prompts.

Please visit the Bursar's Office for detailed instructions on confirming your class schedule.

If you have any questions about registering online, please contact the Registration Office at (931) 372-3966 or (800) 268-0242.

Start on Eagle Online to begin your registration process.