Office of the Registrar

Your PIN

Your PIN is Important

Your 6-digit PIN (Personal Identification Number) serves as the password for access to your student records on Eagle Online Web for Students systems. It is very important that you do not share this with anyone. Please make sure that you change your PIN often and do not use or keep a PIN that is easily identifiable to you such as your phone number, P.O. box number, or your birth date.

How Do I Obtain My PIN?

If you are a new, incoming freshman, you will obtain your pin at your SOAR orientation.

Thereafter, students will obtain pin numbers by meeting with their academic advisor each semester they plan to attend. If you do not meet with your advisor, please be advised you will not be given a pin number. The Registration Office cannot provide pin numbers in lieu of the advisor. If you call the Registration Office and ask for your pin number, you will be directed to contact your academic advisor. If you meet with your advisor and receive a pin number, but misplace it or otherwise are not able to recall your pin number, see below.

How do I change my PIN from Eagle Online?

To change your PIN, go to Eagle Online and enter your User ID and PIN and press the "Login" button. Choose "Personal Information," then "Change your PIN." Follow the instructions on the page. DO NOT use all 9s when resetting your PIN.

What Do I do if I forgot my PIN?

Log onto Eagle Online and click on the button that says "Forgot PIN?" If you are still having problems, contact myTECH Helpdesk at 931-372-3975. DO NOT use all 9s when resetting your PIN.