Office of the Registrar

Registration Hold

A student may not have finalized all University requirements which results in a registration hold. This “hold” locks the registration process and the student is required to report to the appropriate office before registering to have the hold removed. A student may view their registration holds, if any, by accessing the Registration Status under the Registration Menu on Eagle Online. The hold will list a brief description regarding the hold as well as the issuing department so the student will know who to contact for further information.

For students who are athletes and are not permitted to drop below 12 credit hours.

Contact your Athletic Academic Advisor: 931.372.3943 | Roaden University Center | 235

For students who need to submit an official high school or college transcript from a previous college or another institution in which transfer credit was earned. 

Contact the Office of Admissions: 931.372.3888 | Jere Whitson Building | 208

For students who owe a balance to the University. 

Contact the Business Office: 1.800.416.0151 | Derryberry Hall

For students who need to meet with the Dean of Students. 

Contact Dean of Students: 931.372.3123 | Roaden University Center | 122

For students who have applied for graduation for the upcoming semester and who have anticipated registration changes. 

Contact the Graduation Office (Academic Services): 931.372.3543 | Jere Whitson Building | 315

International students who are here on certain visa types are not able to drop below 12 hours. To prevent students from dropping below their hours and jeopardizing the status of their immigration, they have to have permission from the International Office to drop below 12 hours.

Contact International Office: 931.372.3634 | Derryberry Hall

For students who have had mail returned to the University for an outdated mailing address. Update your address in Eagle Online, and contact Registration to notify address has been updated. Registration: 931.372.3966 | Jere Whitson Building | 221

For students who need to satisfy housing requirements. 

Contact Residential Life: 931.372.3414 | M.S. Cooper Hall | 217

For students who are newly admitted, between the ages of 18-25 who are citizens and not veterans, and have not yet registered for Selective Service. To register for Selective Service, simply go to and submit your confirmation to the Registration Office.

Contact the Office of the Registrar: 931.372.3966 | Jere Whitson Building | 221