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The 2016-2017 TTU scholarship application will be available via ScholarWeb from August 15 - December 15, 2015.
ScholarWeb is Tech's scholarship database and scholarship application system.

New Students: If you are a prospective student (incoming freshman or transfer student) for the 2016-2017 academic year, you must begin an admission application before applying for scholarships in ScholarWeb. If you have not yet applied for admission, please do so here. Once you have applied for admission and have received your Tech ID Number (T Number), you may complete the scholarship application. If you have applied for admission but have not yet received your T Number, you may view it on Eagle Online. Or, you may use your Web ID (the admissions username you created when you applying for admission) on the scholarship application. Before accessing the scholarship application, you should first read the step-by-step instructions under Application Procedures. Then, apply online using ScholarWeb. You do not have to be admitted in order to apply for scholarships.

Current Students: We encourage currently enrolled students to apply for scholarships each Fall. Even if you are already receiving a scholarship, there may be additional scholarship opportunities for you. If you are currently receiving a renewable departmental scholarship, you must apply for scholarships each year to continue receiving it. To apply for scholarships, first read the step-by-step instructions under Application Procedures. Then apply online using ScholarWeb. If you have previously applied for scholarships, log in to ScholarWeb as a Returning User.

New and Current Students: To be reviewed for any Tennessee Tech University Scholarship, a 2016-2017 scholarship application must be completed and submitted online by 11:59 pm on December 15, 2015. Recommendations must be submitted online via ScholarWeb by 11:59 pm on January 15, 2016. If you are an incoming freshman or transfer student, all transcripts & ACT scores intended for scholarship review are due by January 15, 2016 to the Office of Admissions. Remember that you can log in to ScholarWeb at any time to review your scholarship application, manage your recommendation requests (up until January 15), view and accept scholarship offers, complete thank you letters for donor-funded scholarships, and much more.

Useful Links

Application Procedures
Step-by-step instructions on properly applying for TTU scholarships.

ScholarWeb is a database that houses the TTU scholarship application as well as the over 550 different scholarships that we offer. Use ScholarWeb to apply for scholarships annually from August 15 to December 15. You may also use ScholarWeb to see what scholarships you may be eligible for, and which scholarships require supporting documents. Within ScholarWeb, you can do a "Scholarship Search" where you enter your academic information (major, ACT score, grade point average, etc), and ScholarWeb will narrow down the scholarships for which you may be eligible.

Recommendations & Essays
View the list of scholarships that require supporting documents, such as recommendations or essays, for consideration.

Admissions & Departmental Scholarships
Here you can see an overview of some of the most popular Admissions Scholarships and their requirements.

Helpful answers to Frequently Asked Questions about ScholarWeb and scholarship application.