Student Organizations

Funding Opportunities

Registered Student Organizations may be eligible to receive funding from the University for specific purposes:

  • SOLO Funding – On-campus events designed to benefit the student body
  • Chapter 606 – Typically mission-related travel

Student Organization Shared Mailboxes

Updated November 15, 2023

Registered Student Organizations may request access to a Shared Mailbox created for their organization. Shared mailboxes are useful for conducting organizational business, such as working with campus and community partners, communicating with a national office, or registering for conferences and events. Shared mailboxes may be accessed by multiple officers and advisors.

Shared mailbox access is only available to Registered Student Organizations and the students and employees listed as officers for that organization in Eagle Engage. Individuals not affiliated with Tennessee Tech are not permitted access to student organization shared mailboxes. In addition, only individuals who have completed the new Officer/Advisor Agreement will be added to a shared mailbox. Officers and advisors who have completed the agreement prior to November 2023 will need to re-submit the agreement for this purpose.  Contact with any questions regarding Student Organization Shared Mailboxes.

Marketing Resources

The Center for Student Engagement and Tennessee Tech can help student organizations promote their events and programs. Review the Communication with Campus web page for information about Tech Times, digital signage, the student events calendar, and more.

Two bulletin boards are available for use in the RUC. Bring two flyers (maximum 11”x17”) to the Center for Student Engagement (RUC 208) for posting.

In addition, the Center for Student Engagement will print a limited number of 2’x3’ posters to be placed in RUC poster holders and/or free-standing displays.

Want to get the word out about an event or happening? Submit your information to, and tag or share Instagram posts to @tntechstudentlife.

Consultation and Support

Struggling with membership challenges? Not sure how to execute an ambitious event idea? Hoping to collaborate with other organizations but not sure how to get started? We’re here to help! Center for Student Engagement team members are here to meet with officers or even attend your organization’s meeting. We have lots of experience supporting student organizations and can likely help point you in the right direction. Email to request consulting support.

Eagle Engage Officers Guide

Visit the Eagle Engage Officers Guide to learn how to re-register your organization, register events, manage your members, and take advantage of the many tools that the system provides.


Student organizations thrive when they meet the needs of all students. Officers should consider accessibility when planning meetings, events, and programs. Helpful questions to consider include:

  • Will students with mobility issues be able to access the meeting or event space?
  • Do we invite member or prospective members to request accommodations related to disabilities?
  • Are our social media posts accessible to everyone? (See the Social Media Accessibility Guide for recommendations and best practices.)

Virtual Meetings

In light of the precautions Tennessee Tech has implemented, student organizations are encouraged to meet virtually for all meetings. The information below from ITS can provide useful information regarding student organization holding meetings via Microsoft Teams and Zoom. Tennessee Tech ITS has provided the following guidance on virtual group collaboration with Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

Microsoft Teams
All students now have access to Microsoft Teams. This is a very powerful tool for group collaboration both with video, audio, file-sharing, & group document collaboration. Meeting lengths are not limited as they are with Zoom (see below) - max meeting size of 250 people.

All students have access to a free Zoom account. This is a great tool for 1-to-1 meetings of unlimited length or large group meetings for a limited 40 minutes. More information about Zoom and how to get started can be found on the CITL's Zoom page.

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