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EWeek Event Details

NOTE: Not all events are held every year. This is a complete list of events that have been held during EWeek over the past 10 years.


Rules and Procedures TBD

Cardboard Canoe

Each engineering department may have a team of people build a canoe out of cardboard, duct tape, and trash bags in the racquetball rooms in the Fit. After a 30 minute build time, the teams must race their canoes in the swimming lanes of the indoor fit pool in a down-­and­-back style race.

Rules & Procedures


Each engineering department may have one team of six people compete in the dodgeball tournament held in the Memorial Gym C “Sweatbox.” The tournament will consist of a round robin and continue into a single elimination round after the round robin.

Rules & Procedures

Egg Drop

The egg drop event is a test on how well a team can build a device with limited supplies that can protect an egg from breaking after being dropped from a pre-determined height. The teams will be judged on how intact the egg is after the drop, the distance the egg is from the target marked, and the weight of the device.

Rules & Procedures

Engineering Bowl

Each engineering department may have a team of brainiacs who are well versed in both classroom knowledge and Tech history knowledge to compete in the Engineering Bowl. A speaker will read questions to two competing teams; any person on either team may click their buzzer to answer at any time. 

Rules & Procedures


Teams can have as many members as they want. On Monday, February 12th, every team will be given a “Raspberry Pi model B+” and up to $50 reimbursement** that can be used for buying sensors/parts for the competition. Teams will have to find a problem that they can solve using a Raspberry Pi. It is better if the problem they try to solve is somehow related to Tennessee Tech. However, team can make anything they want like an automatic light switch, distance meter, or Internet-streamed Wi-Fi radio. Include all technical blueprints, schematics, and code. 

Rules & Procedures

Mr. and Ms. Engineer

In a similar fashion to how Penny Wars are held, the EJC officers will place buckets in each engineering department’s office, where students may drop change (pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half dollars, etc.) into their own departments bucket. Each cent in change is worth one point. However, bills may be put into other departments buckets to subtract points equal to the bill’s equivalent in pennies. For example, a ten dollar bill is negative 1,000 points! Whichever department has the most points at the end of the day on the 25th wins, and whoever they have nominated for Mr. and Ms. Engineer will be crowned at the Engineering Banquet. The money collected goes toward the EJC scholarship.

Poker and Chili Night

Multiple students from each engineering department may cook up a batch of chili to bring to the Poker and Chili night in the Tech Pride Room. There is no limit to how much chili, or how many different kinds of chili a department can being, and we encourage to bring as much as possible. The chili is anonymously judged by a panel of judges. Each department may also have people play in a poker tournament. 

Scavenger Hunt

Starting on the Sunday of Engineer's week, the scavenger hunt will be held all across campus until the last day of competitions, Wednesday. Every day new clues and riddles will appear.


Each College of Engineering department team competes for top honors in the classic tug-of-war. 

Rules & Procedures

Video Game Tournament

 Rules and Procedures TBD


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