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Academy for Renaissance Engineering

If you’re interested in Tennessee Tech's reputation for excellence in engineering, technology and computer science education, and if you’re interested in cutting edge research that will be the foundation for continued economic development in the United States—and especially in Tennessee—then you’re going to be interested in the activities of the Academy for Renaissance Engineering (ARE) at Tennessee Tech. Established in 2012, the academy is a leading group of Tennessee Tech alumni and friends, focused on supporting the academic and research programs within the college of engineering at Tech. The strategically defined vision of the Tech College of Engineering is: “21st Century Renaissance Engineers: Revolutionizing Engineering to Solve Societal Problems”. To learn more see the College of Engineering.

Tennessee Tech University is the state's only technological university. That distinction is in large part due to the presence of the College of Engineering and the University's three engineering-related Centers of Excellence. Faculty expertise coupled with student interaction supports active learning and knowledge discovery across a broad range of disciplines within the research centers and academic programs at Tech. Area businesses find the expertise they need in Tennessee Tech’s research and development capabilities, while the workforce benefits from the University's quality engineering, technology and computer science graduates.

There is a rich history of excellence in engineering at Tech, and over several decades Tech alumni have played a key role in technological improvements that have made an impressive impact on society. We invite you to learn more about how you can become involved with the Academy for Renaissance Engineering at Tennessee Tech. Your advocacy and financial support are crucial in helping the College of Engineering continue providing great opportunities for future generations of Tech students. You will find a convenient online giving tab to the left of this web page. To learn more and direct your support in the way most meaningful to you, please contact Amanda B. Fabrizio-Grzesik, M.Ed., Tech Director of Advancement, at (931) 881-4629 or

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