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Hixson Student Success Center

Advising is done through each department and/or the Clay N. Hixson Student Success Center, depending on your home department and class level. Please find your major and classification below and use the contact information provided to contact an advisor. Step by step instructions are provided at the bottom of this page to assist you in finding your Advisor on Eagle online.



Carol McGee

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Elizabeth Hutchins

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Linda Randolph

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Ahmed Abounassif

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Appointments held in CH 324Appointments held in CH 318Appointments held in CH 320Appointments held in CH 316

Basic Engineering, Clement Hall

Freshman – Carol McGee, 372-6019,

Civil & Environmental Engineering, Prescott Hall

Freshmen – Elizabeth Hutchins, 372-3834,

Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors – CEE Faculty - Eagle Online

Transfer and Exchange – Dr. Ben Mohr – Contact Dawn Taylor, 372-3454,

Chemical Engineering, Prescott Hall

Freshman – Seniors – CHE Faculty – Eagle Online

Transfer and Exchange – Dr. Pedro Arce – Contact Charlotte Austin, 372-3297,

Computer Science, Bruner Hall

Freshmen – Linda Randolph, 372-3838,

Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors – CSC Faculty – Eagle Online

Transfer and Exchange – Dr. Doug Talbert – Contact Valerie Nash, 372-6061,

Electrical & Computer Engineering, Brown Hall

Registration Amanda Miller, 372-3397,

Professional, ECE Faculty - Eagle Online

Transfer and Exchange, Dr. Charles Carnal,

Mechanical Engineering, Brown Hall

Freshman – (A-P) & International - Ahmed Abounassif, 372-6028,

Freshman – (Q-Z) – Elizabeth Hutchins, 372-3834,

Sophomores (A-G) – Ahmed Abounassif, 372-6028,

Sophomores (H-Z) – Elizabeth Hutchins, 372-3834,

Juniors & Seniors – ME Faculty – Eagle Online

Transfer and Exchange - Dr. Chris Wilson - Contact Kacie Scruggs, 372-3254,

Manufacturing & Engineering Technology, Lewis Hall

Freshman – Linda Randolph, 372-3838,

Freshman – Dr. Ismail Fidan, 375-6298,

Sophomores – Dr. Ahmed Kamal, 372-6438,

Juniors – Dr. Fred Vondra, 372-3527,

Seniors, Transfer and Exchange – Dr. Ahmed Elsawy – Contact Pauline Reyna, 372-3263,


1. Go to TTU Home page

2. Pull down student tab at the top of the page

3. Go to 2nd option – Eagle Online

4. Click on Enter Secure Banner Web Self Service

5. Log in

6. Go to Student Tab

7. Click on Registration

8. Select Term

9. Click on Banner ID (T#), Registration times, Advisor, Alt PIN

10. The first box is your advisor