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Chemical Engineering

The Chemical Engineering program combines engineering with chemistry to solve problems and to find more efficient ways of producing basic chemicals, plastics, synthetic fibers, pharmaceuticals, and thousands of other products. Chemical engineers are involved in work related to environmental protection, energy conservation and industrial processes.


Civil and Environmental Engineering

The Civil and Environmental Engineering program provides a basic civil engineering education with depth in the areas of environmental engineering, structural engineering, structural mechanics and transportation. Civil and environmental engineers make vital contributions to the solution of current issues of modern society such as pollution control, transportation, bridges, water resource development, and wastewater treatment.


Computer Science

The Computer Science program has two different concentrations. The software concentration focuses on the design and development of software systems. This includes the study of programming fundamentals such as data structures and algorithms and more advanced topics such as software engineering, operating systems, database design, artificial intelligence, computer graphics, networks, and information assurance and security. The information technology concentration focuses on the design, deployment, and administration of computer technology and includes topics such as system administration, storage management, web technologies, network management, and security.


Electrical and Computer Engineering

Although both are housed in the same department, electrical engineering and computer engineering are separate degree programs.The Electrical Engineering program concentrates on continued development of electrical components, devices, instruments and systems such as power generation and distribution systems in a dynamic profession. The Computer Engineering program combines computer science and electrical engineering courses to provide an integrated program of study oriented toward the design and application of computer systems.


Manufacturing and Engineering Technology

The Manufacturing and Engineering Technology program, accredited by the Association of Technology, Management and Applied Engineers (ATMAE), prepares individuals for technical managerial and production supervisory type positions. The curriculum is built upon technical education and includes communication skills, humanities, physical sciences, human and industrial relations, business administration and specialized technology.

Metal shaping bench

Mechanical Engineering

The Mechanical Engineering program emphasizes the conversion and use of energy, the design of machines, the automatic control and measurement of processes, and the evaluation of acoustical systems. Mechanical engineers are involved in developing new sources of energy, designing versatile and energy efficient machines, and ensuring effective use of our natural resources.