Clay N. Hixson Student Success Center

From the Director

1431562446_Harry.jpgWelcome to the Clay N. Hixson Student Success Center for the College of Engineering at Tennessee Technological University. We are excited to serve as a resource for engineering students as they pursue their Engineering degree. Our center provides tutoring, academic advising, supplemental instruction, and student success workshops. Additionally, we oversee the College of Engineering Student Ambassador program, Eminence Awards and Scholarships.

Our tutors impart their knowledge of their subject. They strive to engage other students in active learning by explaining difficult concepts and providing examples for exploration. Tutors, encourage and empower students to develop confidence in their academic abilities. The goal of tutoring is to enable students to become self-sufficient and intrepid lifelong learners.

Our academic advisors are equipped with the latest technology to provide a clear picture of academic success for our Engineering students. They are knowledgeable and committed to assisting freshmen and sophomore students in their program of study.

Supplemental instruction is a learning enhancement program. It is designed to organize and improve the ways in which students prepare outside of class. Supplemental instruction is attached to a subject to provide students with a systematic and disciplined approach for processing the subject material assigned by the professor. The sessions are held outside of class and are peer led by an “SI leader."

Student success workshops are organized by our office to assist our students in reaching their personal, academic, and professional goals. Workshops are centered on students’ academic and non-academic issues, technical communications, and other student related topics.

Our student ambassadors are an elite group of current engineering students that have excelled academically and have a willingness to share their experience with others. Ambassadors uphold the philosophy, mission and goals of Tennessee Technological University and the College of Engineering by personal example.

Students’ achievement is highly valued in the College of Engineering. Our office coordinates the Eminence Award Ceremony to celebrate the achievements and accomplishments of our engineering students. Award recipients are selected by chair persons, faculty, and staff from each engineering department.

Scholarships are an essential component that provides financial support to our students. The scholarship process requires completion of an online application annually prior to December 15th. Our scholarship awards are competitive but have continued to increase in the total dollar amount awarded. Students are encouraged to apply annually for scholarships.

Remember, our mission is your success!

Kindest Regards,

Director, Clay N. Hixson Student Success Center

Clement Hall (CLEM) 206

(931) 372-3833