College of Engineering

Graduate Student Orientation Information

Required Training

Sexual Harassment Training (Title IX)

If you have not completed the online sexual harassment form you can do so at

Students should be able to access Title IX training through EverFi in their Banner SSB (Eagle Online) under the Student tab. Detailed instructions are provided here:

Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative - CITI

Training in the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative provides training on the Responsible Conduct of Research, Human Subjects and Export Controls.

Students who are funded on grants are required to complete training in the Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR). Please go the web site:

All those who have not already done so will be required to take or RENEW their training via the CITI Training website. The Responsible Conduct of Research is the required module. A copy of the training certificates should be printed upon completion of the training and submitted to your advisor and to your Dept./Center.

I-9 Card

Students are required to have an I-9 card on file in the office of Human Resources.

  • You will need some valid identification (driver’s license or passport and social security card) when signing the I-9 form. (International students will need their passport and I-20).
  • Your appointment will not be effective until this process is completed.
  • Take the valid I-9 card to your department/center so a copy can be maintained in your student file.

Correspondence and Urgent Notices

It is the student’s responsibility to check for messages from their advisor, department/center or college. You will be notified by email. You must provide your Tech email address – no emails will be sent to any other email address.


Keys will not be issued to students. Please work with your advisor to obtain access to your lab or your graduate student office. It is the responsibility of the faculty advisor or Department/Center to monitor assigned lab(s) or graduate student offices.


    Personal copies cannot be made on the department/center copier.
    Each project, with external funding, has a project number and this number should be used when making copies related to that research project.
    Copying for courses you are TA for should be coordinated with your department.
    Reasonable copying will be accommodated for course work or research by department/center. Volpe Library provides unlimited copy support.


Checks are direct deposited on the last working day of each month. Please note: A student must reimburse the University for remaining maintenance fees (at a prorated amount) if the student finishes their degree requirements early or leaves before the end of an appointed semester. Use the link below to access the direct deposit request form.


Tech travel must be approved in advance by your faculty advisor, department chair and/or center director and college of engineering. A travel requisition will be prepared by unit administrative staff personnel for each travel event. Please submit registration, air fare receipt, information on conference and dates of travel to Dept./Center staff in order for this to be done well enough in advance to get all signatures in place. Air fare and registration may be done on a Tech Pro Card but all other expenses will need to be paid personally.

College of Engineering provides limited travel support up to $500 per student, per year, for presentation of a peer reviewed paper. Students need to complete a Travel Request Form with advisor recommendation. The rest of the funds for travel must be provided by the department/center, or research grant, as appropriate.

Reimbursement will be made after travel and will be done by direct deposit to your bank account. You must complete a direct deposit form for Accounts Payable. Use the following link to access the direct deposit request form. Complete, sign, and return to Accounts Payable in Derryberry Hall