College of Engineering

Computational Resources

Computer Science Lab Resources

High Performance Computing Cluster: The Department of Computer Science and the Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) group maintain a High Performance Computing Cluster that can be used for batch and/or parallel computational jobs.

Linux Shell Serve: The Department of Computer Science has a Debian Linux server that can be used as a remote Linux shell.

File Serving: Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) maintains a file server that can be used for securely storing data generated from coursework, research, etc.

Microsoft Dreamspark: The Department of Computer Science has a subscription to Microsoft Dreamspark which gives students access to a large array of Microsoft operating systems and development platforms.

CMR Lab Resources

CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) Computer laboratories available to Engineering graduate students include:

Clement Hall 405, 406, and 409 during Open Lab hours, which are posted on the bulletin boards outside the rooms. This facility provides nearly all licensed CAD, programming, and simulation applications on dual-, quad-, or 8-core computers with 8-16 GB of RAM. Most have Solid State Drives for maximum speed. Up to 54 computers are available during Open Lab times, especially in the evenings and Sundays.

Clement Hall 410, the CAE Lab, is a 24/7 lab for faculty, staff and graduate students containing 8 computers configured as those in Clement 405. A form and approval are required to use this Lab. For more information, go to

The CAE computing cluster is available 24/7 for graduate students, faculty and staff from anywhere an internet connection is available. The cluster is a collection of compute servers dedicated to long running jobs and also to software packages and self-written code that can utilize parallel computing facilities. For more information, go to

CESR Lab Resources

23 Dell Optiplex 790 or Optiplex 980 desktops in “cubicle farms” for graduate student use, located in PRSC209 (11) and PRSC416 (12).

3 Dell Precision 690/T7400 class workstations (Dual quad Xeons, up to 64GB RAM)

6 workstations with dSPACE digital signal processing cards

RTDS (Real Time Digital Simulation) system

3 network laser printers.

6 workstations assigned to Power Lab in ECE.

4 workstations assigned to CEE in PRSC127a.

Software includes: MS Office, MS Visio, MS Visual Studio Pro, Matlab, Labview, AutoCad, COMSOL, Absoft Fortran, Maxwell, Texas Instruments Code Composer Studio, DigSilent Powerfactory, Diptrace, TecPlot 360, RTDS RSCAD, PSCAD

Smart Grid Lab

Please refer to Smart Grid Lab Fixtures PDF

IT Services

TTU’s Information Technology Services (ITS) maintains a 24/7 lab in Henderson 111. Clement 313 is also available a good portion of every day. These labs contain more generic software with some Engineering applications. For more information, go to

With approval from the Center Director and/or the Engineering Computing Support Manager (Mr. Joel Seber) students can use the CAE Laboratory facilities and Graduate Computing Resources.