College of Engineering

Safety and Laboratory Use


Your personal safety and the safety of persons around you is very important! The Research & Development Engineers (R&D) and Lab Managers are the safety advisors. These advisors are appointed to assist the University Safety Officer in carrying out the responsibilities that are contained in the University Safety Manual.

Safety procedures must be followed at all times. Failure to observe each lab’s safety procedures will result in disciplinary action.

All experimental efforts are subject to the R&D Engineers’ approval.

If you use chemicals in your laboratory, then you are required to pass the hazardous materials training at the following web site

Obtain permission/instructions from the designated laboratory personnel and faculty advisor if this need arises.

Appropriate training must be successfully completed prior to the beginning of work. Review the training matrix with your supervisor to determine all appropriate training that must be completed.


  1. Each department should determine which classes are in the category of laboratory setting in which a student might at any time be considered “at risk” and should submit these recommendations to the dean for review. “At risk” would involve any situation in which a student might incur injury during preparation for, performance of, or observation of class laboratory functions.
  2. At the beginning of each term, (and as might be deemed appropriate thereafter within the term due to changes in procedures or equipment), appropriate laboratory safety instruction should be presented to every student who will be attending the lab session. Opportunity for questions/discussions should be provided.
  3. Each term, the department chairperson will have all faculty and/or laboratory assistants distribute to each laboratory class either the Laboratory Safety signature form developed by the Laboratory Safety Committee or a comparable departmental form.
  4. At the discretion of the dean/department chairperson, the signed Laboratory safety signature forms may be retained by the individual instructors or (especially in the case of graduate teaching assistants or adjunct faculty) will be placed in a central file within the department.
  5. Safety instruction information (which the student’s signature attests that he has received) should be on file within the department and readily accessible in the event it is needed. This information may take the form of a copy of printed materials distributed, an outline summary of safety materials policies/procedures given orally, and/or complete reference information on safety videos, etc. Accompanying the safety instruction information, each instructor should submit a completed copy of the Laboratory Safety Instructor’s Signature Form.
  6. Both the Instructor’s Signature Form and the student Laboratory Safety signature form, as well as accompanying safety instruction documents, shall be kept on file for a minimum of one academic year (or longer, at the discretion of the dean/department chairperson).

Laboratory Safety Signature Form