College of Engineering

Disposing of Sensitive Data

New recycling program keeps info safe, helps environment

Recycling containers have been delivered to various locations in every building on campus. The program is part of an effort to keep private data safe and reduce campus waste.

In partnership with Cintas, a document shredding company, the university will implement a new policy to handle all paper waste in campus offices and buildings. Any paper being discarded should be handled in one of three ways:

1. Shredded within the department.

Shredded papers must be bagged separately and picked up by Facilities personnel. The university will not incur extra costs for this process. These papers should include anything printed on a desktop printer or handwritten, for example.

2. Collected within Cintas bins.

The 95-gallon Cintas bins will be locked. Only Cintas officials can unlock the bins as the paper inside is collected. A signed certificate of destruction will be issued at the point of collection. Cintas bins can be used for any handwritten document or those printed on a desktop machine if a shredder is not available or if the volume is too large for shredding in the office. Cintas will transport the paper to its shredding facility for recycling. The university must pay for use and collection of Cintas bins.

3. Non-shredded materials within campus recycling bins.

Old recycling bins already located throughout campus may still be used to collect pre-printed bulk materials like newspapers, magazines, professional journals and junk mail with little identifying personal information. The university will not incur extra fees for this type of recycling.

This is a similar process to what we’ve already implemented across campus with the addition of the Cintas bins. We now have a system that should offer everyone an opportunity to dispose of their papers in a safe and environmentally friendly way.

Because of this new system, only non-paper products should be placed in regular garbage bins. Custodians will no longer empty garbage bins if they contain paper.

We expect this program to keep tons of garbage waste from public landfills. At the same time, it provides us with one more way to make sure we’re taking care of secure documents to protect private information.

Cintas has placed the blue 95-gallon locked containers at identified locations in every building. Office staff should send a work order to schedule a pick-up.

The university will pay $18 any time a bin on campus is emptied. Facilities will cover the Cintas fees, but offices are encouraged to consider shredding or campus recycling if available.

We’ve tried to make this program as convenient and efficient as possible. It was important that we not make campus offices bear the cost. We hope everyone will be diligent about helping save money when possible.” The Cintas bin locations may still be changed to support usage needs.

Recycled paper picked up by Facilities, including pre-shredded paper (strip shredded); will be taken to the county recycling center, where it is hand-sorted, then shredded. Cross-shredded paper will also be collected by Facilities, but alternate plans are being developed for disposal because the county recycling center cannot collect anything shredded that fine. Cintas will shred and recycle all of the material it collects on campus.

Anything collected in regular garbage bins is placed in dumpsters and transported to the county landfill. Facilities personnel are also developing a program to collect cans and bottles for recycling.