College of Engineering

Computing Resources

Welcome to the College of Engineering Computing Resources page at Tennessee Tech! We have various resources to accommodate a wide range of computing requirements. These resources are briefly described below along with some additional information. Please be aware that since Fall 2014, due to the college-wide usage of MoLE-SI (see MoLE-SI section below); the College of Engineering at TTU is requiring each student to have a portable computing device.

  • User Accounts

User accounts are needed to access various computing resources in/off campus. TTU accounts are assigned to each individual user, however, due to the nature of various activities in our college other accounts might be assigned as well.

For TTU user account related questions, please refer to this page for useful information.

For other types of accounts or additional information please contact Marbin Pazos-Revilla (mpazos at

  • Wireless Access to TTU Network

ITS maintains the wireless and network infrastructure. Information about how to access the wireless network in campus can be found at

  • VPN

TTU provides a VPN solution which will allow users to connect to our campus IT resources while away allowing seamless access with high levels of security. The VPN is only for use off-campus, and will not work when you are already connected to the campus network

To get started, please download and read the documentation

Users with administrative rights on their personal computer please download the VPN client relevant to your Operating System here.

  • Software

Engineering software can be accessed by major depending on what computing lab facility is used, as described below. Faculty and students can also obtain copies of engineering or general software for home use. The list of software and pricing can be found at

The College of Engineering is currently participating in the Mathworks Total Student Headcount (TSH) program which allows students to download and use a free copy of the latest version of Matlab with a variety of available toolboxes. If you are a student and would like to take advantage of this great opportunity please follow the instructions for Matlab TSH program

The College of Engineering in conjunction with ITS maintain several computer labs for your use. These labs and computing facilities include modern desktop machines and/or thin-clients that allow access to the software needed for specialized CoE coursework. These facilities are located in Clement Hall 4th floor, Prescott Hall 4th floor, Brown Hall 207. Additional computer resources like computer cluster and other facilities are available to accommodate research and other specific computing services.

  • Support

In an effort to continuously improve our technical support processes in the college of engineering our technical support staff have implemented a centralized technical support ticketing system that faculty and staff can use to submit their technical support requests. The centralized ticketing system makes the support more effective and transparent to the end user.

In order to submit your technical support requests, please use the following link using TTU account credentials.